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Highway Patrol reports no fatalities in traffic accidents over holiday weekend

December 27, 2011


With no fatalities from traffic accidents, the Kansas Highway Patrol is declaring that the Christmas holiday weekend was a fairly safe one.

In 2010, two people died during the holiday travel weekend. But there were no such incidents on Kansas highways between Dec. 23 and Dec. 26 of this year.

There also were fewer speeding tickets and warnings issued. Fewer people were ticketed or warned for failing to wear seat belts. And the number of motorist assists dropped.

The number of DUI-related crashes stayed the same as last year at three. And more people were arrested for DUIs this year — 22 in all.

Lt. Joshua Kellerman of the Kansas Highway Patrol said the snow that fell on much of the western half of the state early last week kept many people off the roads. And the bad roads made it harder for laws to be enforced.

But by Christmas Day, the state’s roads were cleared, Kellerman said.

“It is always great no matter what weekend,” Kellerman said of the zero fatalities. “But over Christmas, which is a time for family, it is even better.”

As for the upcoming holiday weekend, Kellerman said to expect to see more troopers out. And several areas in the state will have saturation patrols.

His advice is for people who have been drinking to find a sober driver for the ride home and for everyone to wear seat belts.

“It’s the best protection if you are involved in a crash,” he said.


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