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As I See Fit: Prepare a plan for working out

December 26, 2011


I hope that you are enjoying this holiday season. Even with all of its excesses, the month of December is magical and the extra time spent with family and friends will be remembered all year long.

It’s because I don’t want your body to bear the brunt of these remembrances all year long, however, that I still am going to write about ending this year in a fit fashion.

Since November, we have covered a variety of exercises that can be done in small spaces with minimal, if any, equipment. These are moves that can be modified to accommodate a range of abilities and ages. I hope that they have kept you active throughout the season, or at least inspired you to get moving.

It’s almost the New Year. It’s important to focus on you right now and develop your fitness road map for 2012.

Regardless of whether you make resolutions or not, the start of a new year is the turn of a new page, fresh and without mistakes. We want it to begin positively and sometimes may set ourselves up for failure. There’s a reason every January health club memberships soar, only to fall off in the next few months.

Fitness should not be fleeting. We want to maintain the results that we work so hard for.

Let’s try something new in this New Year. Instead of setting impossibly high goals and buying expensive memberships right off the bat, why not start with small, attainable fitness goals, ones that can indeed be achieved and more importantly, maintained?

The sense of satisfaction that you will feel as you check that one off of your list will be pure pride.

Overall wellness begins with the food that we eat, and by committing to a complete nutritional overhaul of your diet, you will feel better and have more energy, which goes hand-in-hand with motion and movement. It’s not rocket science, and we sometimes forget that.

A friend of mine recently mentioned that people forget that “they can’t eat carnival food if they want to lose weight.” She is funny! And she is absolutely correct. Get rid of the junk food. Be aware of what you are eating. Make the decision to put better food into your body. You need to fuel your body for your workouts, so why not make it run more efficiently? Why not make it work for you?

Set some goals. Make a plan. Strive for moderation and look for easy ways to incorporate more movement into this last week of 2011.

And then, at midnight on Dec. 31, let go of all of the negative ideas you have about fitness and workouts. Let them go. It’s a new year now, and let’s start it strong.


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