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100 years ago: Burglars take advantage of family’s absence

December 26, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 26, 1911:

"Lawrence yesterday was the scene of some of the most beautiful gift giving that it has seen in many years. This does not mean the usual exchanging of gifts, but the remembering of those down whose chimneys Santa can not climb. The charitable giving yesterday was well organized and it is doubtful if there was a poor home in Lawrence that was missed."

"While the family was away a couple of strangers entered the Perkins home in East Lawrence Sunday night [Dec. 24] and proceeded to have a good time. At least the indications are that they had such. The invaders took possession of things and after they had eaten everything they wished helped themselves to a few other articles about the house and tore up a few others and then departed. The family did not return until this morning when they discovered what had taken place. The sheriff's office was notified and a search started for the visitors, but thus far they have not been located. It is believed that they were a man and woman."


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