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100 years ago: Elks plan Christmas party for children

December 22, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 22, 1911:

  • "The plans for the Elks annual Christmas treat for the poor children of Lawrence promises to be one of the most enjoyable events in the lives of these little ones whose lives are devoid of the pleasures and happiness of the other children. A real live Santa Claus has agreed to take care of all of these little ones that the Elks have at their rooms on next Monday afternoon. A Christmas tree all decorated with bright lights, tinsel and other signs of Christmas cheer is to be provided for the pleasure of the children. From this tree Santa Claus will give each of them a sack filled with candy, nuts and popcorn. Each child will also be given a toy of some kind. In addition to this the committee that is at work has recommended aid for certain children, and these will be given clothing, shoes and food and such other articles that they are found to be in need of."
  • "The world is full of child life this week. Dainties will be provided and presents purchased, not one of which will be amiss. But there are others right here in Lawrence who would appreciate attention on Christmas day. There are families in moderate means who would be glad to have a Christmas dinner if they knew that with the dinner was sent love and neighborly kindness. In looking about for a chance to do good suppose some of us look in our neighborhood and see if there are not families that need a Christmas dinner better than they can afford to purchase."


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