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Wichita eases limits on concealed firearms

December 21, 2011


— The City Council in Wichita has lifted the ban on concealed firearms in more than 100 public buildings.

KAKE-TV reports the council voted 4-3 on party lines Tuesday for a city ordinance allowing citizens to carry concealed guns in 111 buildings, mostly parks and recreation facilities. The ordinance also applies to 19 fire stations, four public works facilities and six garages.

A Kansas law that legalized concealed carry allows each city to adopt its own ordinance.

According to KAKE, Wichita originally banned concealed firearms in all 392 city-owned buildings.


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years, 5 months ago

Yeehaa!! There's gonna be some real shootouts in Wichita-- unlike the goodle days when you had to check your gun with the Sheriff before entering town.

Getaroom 6 years, 5 months ago

But heck, according The Newtrich, once those pesky homegrown enemy combatants and terrorists get their hands on a Magnetic Pulse Generator we are all goners anyway. Bring on the hand cannons, makes no difference now. And not to worry your sweaty gun tot'n hands - the free market will solve it anyway once R Paul is at the helm of the stars and stripes.

To heck with guns durn it! This all means nothing anyway because as you know Obama lied to all of us about not raising taxes. He lied - OBAMA LIED!! And it was such a BIG Gov. LIE and he openly concealed it. He raised taxes on cigarets!! Smokers lost valuable human rights and freedoms and because of HIM we all lost rights - right? What a Acornist-wealth-redistributor- fascist-dictator-commie-secret-muslim-gunrights-stealing-socialist-communtiy-organizer liar and former smoker he is indeed.
Now you see, you see, he is a liar and the Obama haters knew even before he was elected and a liar he is indeed. Politico says so. It's a fact - fact checkers - check it - it is true.

Hey man stop ranting, get back in your box Strawman and on to the article:

Just what the Dr. ordered in a Borwnbackwardistan controlled state. Everything is up to date in Wichita so go on down for a visit where the streets are safe to roam cuz when every one is packin', no one is robbin'. Now the area known as "Cowtown" can be expanded to include the entire city. Be looking soon for concrete sidewalks to be removed and replaced with boardwalks. Let the gamblin' and liquor and gold pieces flow. It's a brave new/old world.

This is of course great for state revenue and guns/ammo sales and a real job creator and good for population control as well. It takes roughly $350 by the time all is said and done to get a Conceal Carry Permit, depending on which route you take get one. This will make the qualified instructors over joyed down that way. Real civilized it is. Once Boeing pulls out totally, probably everyone should be packing anyway, it will all be up for grabs. A real squatters heaven in h...

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