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Blue chip recruit Brannen Greene picks KU

Brannen Greene, a 6-7 junior small forward from Mary Persons High in Forsyth, Ga., on Tuesday orally committed to play basketball at Kansas.

Brannen Greene, a 6-7 junior small forward from Mary Persons High in Forsyth, Ga., on Tuesday orally committed to play basketball at Kansas.

December 21, 2011


Kansas University landed an oral commitment Tuesday from one of the prize basketball prospects in the Class of 2013 — Brannen Greene, a 6-foot-8, 200-pound junior small forward from Mary Persons High in Forsyth, Ga.

Greene, who is ranked No. 35 nationally by, chose Bill Self’s Jayhawks over UConn, Louisville and Harvard. Memphis, Ohio State, Florida State and many others were in the mix.

“I just feel Kansas is a place I could excel not only athletically, but academically, socially. It’s a perfect environment,” Greene said in a phone interview. “I am excited and relieved to consider myself a Jayhawk. I take a sense of pride in that. I will represent the university well. I look forward to it,” Greene added.

He chose KU a day before his 17th birthday and five days prior to Christmas, which begged the question: Was this an early Christmas gift for KU, Brannen or Brannen’s parents?

“I would say (a gift) to all,” Brannen’s dad, Jeffrey, said with a laugh. “We really respected the time and the energy that the KU staff put into the Greene family and the time and energy and work Brannen put in toward skill work and conditioning work the past many years. He’s been recruited since eighth grade. At some point, as a family we said, ‘We need to decide because we have tremendous programs here that have offered scholarships. We need to be respectful of their time.’ It humbled us,” Jeffrey added of recruiting. “We saw no need to drag it out. It behooved us to come to a decision at this time.”

Greene and his parents — dad played college ball at Pittsburg State and mom, Lori, at Missouri Southern — attended the 2011 Late Night in the Phog. Dad by the way is 6-foot-5 1/2; mom 6-2 1/2.

“We felt like Kansas offered the perfect environment for Brannen. He is a young, energetic, very talented, very smart kid with a 4.0 GPA, a very disciplined kid. We felt that environment fosters integrity and family and all the things we pride ourselves on,” Jeffrey Greene said. “Coach (Bill) Self and his spirit and enthusiasm and excitement for my son was unquestioned. He believes in Brannen and is going to continue to enhance Brannen’s life toward success. I believe it to my core.”

Brannen, who is considered an outstanding outside shooter with the ability to slash, is averaging 24.5 points and 14.0 rebounds a game this season for 6-4 Mary Persons High. As a soph, he averaged 17.1 ppg.

Brannen describes himself as “a long, versatile wing who can score the ball and handle the ball, who can handle the 1 through 3,” he said of point guard, shooting guard and small forward.

Dad notes: “He is a very heady, high-IQ wing guard that is able to score when called on in any given time, but also a playmaker who involves his teammates well. He’s an exceptional shooter. He was born with natural ability to stroke the ball. We’ve enhanced it (shot) since he was 2, 3 years old. His range is easily 24, 26 feet.”

A proud future Jayhawk, Brannen said he plans on trying to attract some of his peers to his college.

“I will go to recruit starting now. I might even be like coach Self,” Greene said with a laugh. “Just kidding.”

He certainly respects Self, as well as his parents.

“My dad and I have been talking it out. He has pads and pads of information on schools. We’ve been weighing the options,” Brannen said. “The feeling came to us and we made the decision. In talking to coach Self in the recruiting process, I feel KU is the right place for me. This is a very big day for me. To all the Kansas fans, I just look forward to all the time I’m in the gym playing and Rock Chalk.”

KU has landed two early commitments in the Class of 2013. No. 65-rated Conner Frankamp, 6-1, 180 from Wichita North, committed on July 16, his 16th birthday. Players in the Class of 2012 who have signed with KU: Perry Ellis (6-8, Wichita Heights), Zach Peters (6-9, Plano, Texas), Landen Lucas (6-8, Portland). KU has received commitments from Andrew White, 6-6, Chester, Va.; and Anrio Adams, 6-3, Seattle. Also, Ben McLemore, 6-5, St. Louis, and Jamari Traylor, 6-8, Chicago, will be eligible next season.


mae 6 years, 5 months ago

He speaks very well and keeps a good grade average? Hopefully our recruiting has turned to 4-5 year players who want to win and get a degree at the same time! It's free.

jayhawkeratheart 6 years, 5 months ago

Is he 6'7 or 6'8 The above article describes him as both. Congrats KU on a great looking addition to a great BBall program.

rtwngr 6 years, 5 months ago

Opponents better enjoy this year because the coming years will not be as easy against KU. Not that this team is a push over but they just don't have the depth of talent needed to make a run deep into the tourney if they get there at all. Of course talent is not a guarantee either. Past KU teams with great talent ran into killer B's. (Butler, Bucknell)

Gerry Butler 6 years, 5 months ago

you hit it right on the head rtwngr. thats exactly what i told guys at work today. if your gonna get us you better get us now. because withthe 2 commits for 2013 plus what wil be here and we are right back , just reloadin baby just reloading. every article i ead on brennan was awsome. just praising his talents, whether it was rivals sound like he is a stud. congrads bill and staff plus there could be more on th way good to see some good recruits are a comin GO HAWKS

lvlndhawk 6 years, 5 months ago

Another strong recruiting effort. It's great to see a group of guality young athletes who are also academic standouts from good family situations. Yesterday I posted negative comments about Tyshawn Taylor. Upon further review, I intend to enjoy the many moments of brilliance. This young man has enough pressure already.

kef104 6 years, 5 months ago


Welcome to Lawrence Kansas! I think you, and your family, are a perfect fit for our University and community.

soapisurfriend 6 years, 5 months ago

It has been mostly speculated that Isaiah Lewis would be the point guard to come with Greene, but I have often wondered if it might not be. Consequently, I did some research and everything I have gathered points to Tyler Ennis being that guy. The Canadian pg has been a teammate of Lewis and is the higher rated prospect of the two, and they have said they will not play together in college because of minutes. I was creepin' on Greene's twitter page and I saw that Lewis, among many others (including Chris Walker), had congratulated Greene on his commitment to Kansas. He replied to Lewis with a simple "thanks". Now, I am not a mind reader and I usually hate to speculate, but I'll go ahead just this once. He replied to the Ennis congratulatory post with a "Thanks bro, text me because we need to chat". I don't know, but this sounds like the beginning of a recruitment pitch to me. This came after several previous posts and articles written about Greene recruiting Freeman, Walker, Randle, and Ennis, not Lewis, to the University of Kansas.

mae 6 years, 5 months ago

I would speculate that a future NBA prospect wouldn't go for being a point specific. It would make more sense to be a point/guard if you can score/drive/pass. With that said, I liked the prospect of a serious 3 point, really fast team this year.

Have to hope until it doesn't pan out, shrug.

mae 6 years, 5 months ago

ergh. I meant to say pointguard/small forward.

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