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Aide says Brownback flexible about school funding

December 21, 2011


— A top aide says Gov. Sam Brownback is willing to consider ideas from Kansas legislators for modifying his plan to overhaul how the state finances its public schools.

Brownback policy director Landon Fulmer briefed members of the budget-writing Senate Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday about the governor's plan.

Senators questioned how funding for new buildings and bus services would work. The plan is designed to give the state's 286 local school boards more flexibility, and, unlike the current school finance formula, it wouldn't target money specifically for such items.

Fulmer said the governor will work with legislators on such issues.

But Fulmer already has said he doesn't think a plan will pass unless it eliminates a state cap on local property taxes, as Brownback proposes.


JayhawkFan1985 6 years, 5 months ago

I don't think we should return to an era where the quality of a child's education in Kansas is determined by his address. The irony is that the most rural areas in Kansas are Brownback's biggest supporters but these are exactly the areas that will be unable to self fund education. What's the matter with Kansas? No thinking person could ever vote for a republican in this state. By undermining education, fewer kansans will be able to think for themselves and will just vote for the same party their grandpas did despite the radical shift to the extreme far right. At one time republicans were the progressives. Lincoln and T. Roosevelt are great examples. Now we're stuck with a party who only wants to 1) cut taxes for the super wealthy, 2) eliminate environmental regulations preventing corporations like Koch industries from raping the planet, 3) prevent Obama from winning a second term even if the economy flounders as a result.

Paul R Getto 6 years, 5 months ago

+1 "The irony is that the most rural areas" === Good point. There are no easy answers, but simplistic, localized, probably unconstitutional solutions is just more tilting at windmills. The gov is likely to have a lively session and may find everyone will not bow down just because he says so.

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