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First Bell: How’s this for a homework excuse?; proposed school-finance plan ready for review

December 15, 2011


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Came across a new excuse for not turning in homework:

I left my homework outside someone else’s home — an auction house, in fact.


Read on, or click on this story that first appeared in the Times Herald-Record in New York state:

“Homework leads to arrest of 12-year-old in burglary

“LIBERTY — Officers used math homework to track down a 12-year-old charged with felony burglary in a break-in at a village auction house Saturday night, Liberty police said.

“The owner said he arrived Sunday morning and found a window removed and jewelry, cellphones, video games and more missing.

“Homework with the suspect’s name on it was found in the woods behind the auction house, police said. The youth will appear in Sullivan County Family Court.”

They say teachers have heard them all, when it comes to excuses for not turning in homework. I’m wondering if anyone out there has some that can top this one...


Gov. Sam Brownback’s plan for financing public schools is out, and now it’s time to see where it goes and what it might mean for folks here in the Lawrence school district.

Rick Doll, district superintendent, acknowledges that the plan is “not as bad” as he’d expected

“The worst thing is that the funding won’t increase,” he said. “And we’ve had funding decreases for the last three, four years.”

The plan does call for giving districts more flexibility in seeking increased tax revenues at the local level — going to voters and asking for approval to collect more money from property owners in the district.

Doll said he wasn’t clear on how that process would work. Specifically, whether a proposed tax increase would need to be approved by voters during an election or whether the Lawrence school could approve a tax increase that then would be subject to a potential protest vote by the public.

Either way, it’s an issue certain to gain plenty of attention in the coming days, weeks and months in Lawrence and elsewhere in Kansas.

Also clear: The plan wouldn’t take effect until and unless approved by the Kansas Legislature, and then not start until the 2013-14 school year.

During the coming months, district officials and others will be keeping an eye out to see what happens in the near term while remaining mindful of the long term.

“At best,” Doll said, “we’re going to have stable funding for the next two years.”


Richard Heckler 6 years, 5 months ago

Time for Audit

Gov Sam Brownback has cut services big time and reduced school spending?

Where is that money? Where are our tax dollars?

Does anyone know? We need to know what is going on. WE need hard evidence not rhetoric.

IF we larger school districts must provide more funding I WANT my tax dollars sent back to me!

I do not trust Governor Sam Brownback with MY tax dollars! He is neither fiscal conservative nor socially responsible = fiscal wreck.

Flap Doodle 6 years, 5 months ago

That caps lock key is sticking again, bub

Getaroom 6 years, 5 months ago

Hey! Great news for a community looking to be thrown under the bus, that is if there are any still running this time next year.

Onward Christian Soldiers - Onward to Washington - To continue doing the LORD Calculators work.
Cut, cut, cut until it hurts - unless of course you are sitting on the peak of the trickle down economics pyramid and then you get to keep lying about being the free market "job creators".

We all must pay for the sins of Super Rich Fathers - except for the Super Rich Fathers! They are All Knowing and Fathers always know best. Sleep now sheeples, worry not about the wolf in sheeples clothing. Sleep sleeep sleeeeep................

Awake, awake!! A Star is shinning in the heavens, A Savior is born unto a Holy Republican Computer! IT is the KEY to salvation.

Press any key to continue.......... If you get a blue screen, enjoy the color!

Oh! ye of little faith and fish, it's just math - not to worry! Fear not the Math, for The MATH is The Newt Religion.

(Place Republican subliminal message here) Pay no attention to The Holy Magnetic Pulse Generator, it is here to save humanity, not to destroy IT! The Newtrich tells us so... lalala..

Pray to the Calculator, IT always knows what is needed and already knows the bottom line for IT alone created the sacred Scriptures of The Bottom Line. At the end of The Days, that BIG BANG you heard of is nothing to concern you, it was only the housing bubble bursting and breaking homes into small blessed particles that they might be shared equally amongst you and are a symbol of ITS body. Eat them in remembrance of IT. Go figure, who'd have guessed? The answers were here all along buried in the numerology. TV Alert! It is rumored that Faux Nues is going to produce a new Religious themed docudrama called "Sourcing The Source". A highly charged entry into this coming seasons offerings. The shows unbiased expert science detectives are believed to have found, hidden truths buried deep in the DNA of The Shroud of Turin and will shed "the light of truth" on the numerology of Christendom. Numerology that favors the religious and politically conservative. A must see docudrama for blind faithers !!

Selective_Tourettes 6 years, 5 months ago

Someone needs a hug today... Congratulations on the "Person of the year" recognition by the way.

Selective_Tourettes 6 years, 5 months ago

Is it standard practice for the district to conduct a cost/benefit analysis before determining whether or not to go ahead with new projects? Considering the current fiasco of Standards Based Grading, it doesn't seem as though they do. At least they're saving money by making the graduate level training on SBG voluntary.

I bet we wouldn't have to look too deep to find at least one job that could be cut at the district level, that would also save us money by reducing further snake oil infomercial quality projects and implementation.

Selective_Tourettes 6 years, 5 months ago

Sure, let me take a look at the original cost/benefit analysis of retooling the grading systems for 6th graders at West, South, Southwest and Liberty Memorial and also provide the actual costs as implemented so far. Finally, I'll need to take a look at the revised estimate to include all of the new planning, education, development work on skyward and the other grading systems (i.e. Engrade...) being tested by some teachers. Good news is, the district saved a bunch of money in the communication/publicity budget.

Where's Mr. Bradford on the implementation of SBG? Did the implementation adhere to the original plan and budget? How will this affect teacher turnover either by attrition or “You can work someplace else if you don’t like it”? Are we going to lose all those 6th grade teachers who signed letters to the district trying to stop SBG? What's the potential exposure for legal fees and damages when one of those teachers is fired for speaking out against SBG even though Dr. Doll told us all at the Southwest meeting that there was no district policy preventing teachers from speaking their mind about SBG? You may have missed it because that’s when Mr. Bradford interrupted him with “They can work someplace else if they don’t like it”. Check the doc’s in Ms. Bodensteiner’s report, you’ll see feedback was submitted that night from teachers saying they were afraid to speak out because of Bradford’s comments.

Wouldn’t you like to make sure the district isn’t wasting your money too?

Selective_Tourettes 6 years, 5 months ago

PeeEffSee... Can we assume you're getting that data for us? Is that why you're so quiet? Or did you lose your internet access on your ipad down at the "Occupy xyz" rally?

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