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25 years ago: In spite of opposition, downtown mall still under study

December 12, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 12, 1986:

A recent public meeting on Lawrence mall issue had featured 18 speakers, most of whom had called for the city to drop the proposal before any more public funds were spent on researching it. The majority of letters received by the city on this topic were also in favor of killing the proposal. In spite of this lack of support, the Urban Renewal Authority was still planning to continue the public review process until the city commission told them to stop. "They're the only ones who can call off the whole thing or call it on," said URA chairman Joel Jacobs. Jacobs added that the URA did not yet have enough data to make a recommendation one way or the other. Still undetermined were such details as overall cost and how much would be paid with public funds. "Once we get that all put together, then we can present it to the public for a vote," said Jacobs.


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