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25 years ago: KU grad student studying squirrel behaviour

December 9, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 9, 1986:

Kansas University graduate student John Koprowski was featured in an article describing his research on urban squirrels. He said that as squirrels adapted to an urban environment, they were developing social characteristics different from their country counterparts. "I'm finding that what's written about tree squirrels is quite a bit different than what I'm seeing here," said Koprowski from his squirrel-observation outpost in KU's Marvin Grove.. "Things like adults grooming one another. You don't see that in the wild." He added that individual squirrels had developed their own personalities. "Some are sociable, and some avoid other squirrels. Some are voyeurs. Some are more aggressive.... What I want to know is what makes an individual successful," meaning able to live to maturity, find a mate, and reproduce.