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100 years ago: Advertisements offer cough syrup, dyspepsia relief, picture shows

December 7, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 7, 1911:

[Here are several advertisements taken at random from today's edition.]

"Fresh Air -- Sunshine -- Scott's Emulsion -- Happy Thoughts. Let these Vitalizing Elements into your home; they are the simple means of keeping Nerves, Brain and Body strong, active, enduring."

"The cough syrup that really relieves is Woodward's Pine and Tar; everybody makes a pine and tar but this is super-excellent. The 'Round Corner' has the 'old time hoarhound' and the new Payne's Expectorant Tablets. 25c per box."

"All the world looks gloomy to the man with the upset stomach. He sees the world through smoked glasses and never tries to rub off the smoke. Cheer up, Mr. Dyspeptic, there's bright days ahead of you. Go to H. L. Raymond & Co.'s this very day and say I want a box of MI-O-NA tablets. Take them as directed and if the misery doesn't leave your stomach and bring a sunny smile to your gloomy countenance, go and get your 50 cents back."

"A suit made by me worn a month without pressing will look better than some suits pressed once a week. SCHULZ the Tailor."

"Patee Nickel -- Opposite Eldridge House -- Biograph Today: 'Love in the Hills' - a tale of the Tennessee Mountains where strangers are unwelcome. 'A Rural Conqueror' - Don't miss seeing Miss Lawrence and Mr. Johnson in this clever comedy. 'His First Long Trousers' -- 'Seeing Indianapolis' -- A GREAT PROGRAM FOR FIVE CENTS."

"The Grand -- Vitagraph Today -- A 'Bertie' Comedy -- Lubin Drama -- Best Licensed Films. The Aurora -- COLOR PHOTOPLAY -- 'Episode under Henry III' - A fine historical production. 'LITTLE INJUN' - A spicy Indian Comedy. NOTE -- Good appropriate music specially arranged accompanies the pictures at the GRAND and the AURORA."


Sarah St. John 6 years, 3 months ago

"'Love in the Hills' - a tale of the Tennessee Mountains where strangers are unwelcome."

Later remade as "Deliverance"? :-)

Boy, I'd have to be very, very sick to even consider ingesting something called "pine and tar syrup." Bleah.

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