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Kansas mentoring program for convicts reaches goal

December 6, 2011


— Kansas officials plan to announce that a major goal has been met in a program that matches mentors with convicts to teach the life skills they will need when they get out of prison.

The so-called Mentoring4Success initiative pairs mentors with inmates six to 12 months before their release to reduce the inmates' risk of committing other crimes and returning to prison.

Gov. Sam Brownback and Corrections Secretary Ray Roberts will attend a news conference with representatives from the program on Tuesday.

The search for additional mentors continues because about 4,700 people are released from prison each year. About half of them need help with housing, employment, family and other issues.


guess_again 6 years, 1 month ago

Didn't the original announcement for this program indicate these mentors would be "faith-based" mentors?

DrQuack 6 years, 1 month ago

This program has been tried before in Kansas. The results ranged from incompetence to disaster. The general public does not know how to deal with inmates / parolees. Their intentions may be very good, but they get suckered into ploys by the inmates. This idea is really intended just to save money on employee salaries (by not employing as many parole officers). The public is then left at a greater risk. But what the heck?.....Isn't it more important to save State money than to save citizens from harm?

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