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Wichita school fights Facebook slam page

December 5, 2011


— Some parents in Wichita are expressing alarm about a Facebook page that spreads malicious gossip about students at a middle school.

The slam page, called "Brooks Trash," is apparently the work of someone at Wichita's Brooks Middle School. Student Emari Reed tells KWCH-TV that users upload pictures to the page, then add nasty captions.

Michele Zahner, of the USD 259 safety services department, says administrators interviewed several students and got close to the person responsible. The site was reported to Facebook and taken down, but showed up again.

Facebook is blocked on all school computers, meaning students can only access it at home or by cellphone. Zahner says the district encourages parents to monitor their children's Facebook activity and talk to them about being good citizens online.


bearded_gnome 6 years, 6 months ago

but but but what about the students' freedom of speech? suppose they could hire little Emma "trashmouth"Sullivan to represent them? lol

Siveler 6 years, 6 months ago

I think that Sullivan's argument is different. While yes, she could have used different language when she criticized Brownback, this facebook "Slam Page" is a case of bullying.

Cai 6 years, 6 months ago

I'm with Siv on this one. Ms Sullivan could use some lessons on good online citizenship herself - but she's toeing the line, not over it.

This page is continuous, malicious in intent, targeted towards students (for an entirely different power dynamic - you'd laugh at the idea of Ms. Sullivan bullying Brownback), and much more aggressive in nature.

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