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100 years ago: Editor speaks out on racial tensions in city

December 5, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 5, 1911:

[Editorial] "The near-riot in this city yesterday is alarming. It also must be stopped. It is no punishment to give the leader of such a gang a fine of $15.50. It is not fair for such a man to throw himself on the mercy of the court and get away with it.... There should not be such rough and tumble games between races. It leads to trouble. The two races get on well together in the city as a rule, but such things as yesterday cannot be tolerated.... This is not a color question.... It is a question of law and of common decency. Let the guilty be punished. The town cannot be disgraced."

"One of the best looking fellows at the University has expressed himself as being tired of the usual girls who attend all the parties, who are pretty and who always can be counted on to say the conventional thing. He says that now he is looking among the girls who don't have so many bids, who are not so pretty, but who he declares probably will be far more interesting."

"If anyone thinks that the present night school movement in Lawrence is anything new, they are very much mistaken, for about 18 years ago in Lawrence there was such an institution. The enrollment then was much more than it is now, for more than 100 students were enrolled in the classes, and acquiring the education that they desired so much. In Dr. Cordley's 'Pioneer Days in Kansas,' there is a very interesting account of the first night school and from it a lesson can be gained that means much to the present day students."


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