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Ex-wife of former KU athletics administrator says no fraud relating to ticket scandal in divorce settlement

August 30, 2011


— The ex-wife of the highest-ranking official caught in the University of Kansas ticket scalping scandal has denied any fraudulent transfer of assets in their divorce settlement.

The court filing Monday by Mary Jean Kirtland comes in response to a civil lawsuit filed by the U.S. attorney's office against her and ex-husband Ben Kirtland, the former associate athletic director in charge of development.

Prosecutors are pursuing assets from former KU officials convicted in the theft of more than $2 million in athletic tickets.

The lawsuit alleges Ben Kirtland fraudulently transferred a house and other property in the divorce. It seeks to void those transfers, which it values at more than $400,000.

Mary Jean Kirtland, who now lives in Cary, N.C., contends the transfers were a fair distribution of assets made in good faith.


rtwngr 6 years, 6 months ago

She may very well have not been privy to her husband's felonious activities and the separation of assets may have been in good faith but if they're fruit of the poison tree they're coming back.

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