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100 years ago: Anti-littering campaign takes direct approach

August 30, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 30, 1911:

  • “If you have a dog and have not already made your peace with the dog tax collector, if you don’t, you may be given a place alongside of the poll tax dodgers and be brought up before his honor to explain why Fido is running about without the proper badge tied to his collar.”
  • “The postal savings bank that was ordered by the attorney general to be placed in the Lawrence post office will be opened on September 28. This word was received officially from Washington today. There are many blanks and papers that are necessary to carry on the work of the postal bank and these are expected to arrive soon.”
  • “Keeping the Streets Clean! How Is It To Be Done? -- There is one thing that can be done very easily and thus the most conspicuous, unsightly and unnecessary litter -- which is waste paper -- can be kept off the streets: DON’T PUT IT THERE. Stop throwing paper on the streets! This is a sensible practical way of improving the appearance of the streets that every man, woman and child can take.”
  • [Advertisement] “Moonlight Dance -- Prize Waltz -- Piano and Mandolin Music. Thursday Night, Woodland Park. ‘Where Some Go To Love -- Where All Love To Go.’”


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