Blush, burnt orange hot colors for fall

Some colors just look too summery or wintery during the fall season. Although wearing white past Labor Day is an outdated fashion rule, at times an entirely bright, monochrome outfit is obtrusive and offbeat; likewise, all black can be extremely wintery — sometimes chic but mostly boring. Check out a few of fall’s hottest color trends and how I suggest they might be worn.


A model walks the runway at the Alexander Wang Fall 2011 show at Pier 94 on Feb. 12, 2011.

I love the subtle femininity of a pale pink, blush hue. This color can be worn in several different ways. Pair a soft, oversized blouse with a pair of khaki trousers, an olive skirt or a brown-bronze pair of trousers. Or layer your blouse beneath camel-colored knits and loose-weave cardigans. I have already seen this color popping up in accessory aisles around town, too. Because it is such a light, neutral color, blush is an easy replacement for khaki, tan or camel. I saw a fabulous pair of blush desert boots recently, and I even own blush-toned denim, which is frequently mistaken to be khaki. Swipe a hint of blush-toned makeup on your lips or lids, or carry a sleek, blush-toned clutch and pair it with gold-toned accessories to play up the contrast.

Burnt orange:

This color is the hottest color for fall 2011. I think it is the perfect transition from summer’s coral color obsession, gradually shifting the color wheel like the slow change of fall leaves. Although this color will be easy to find in department stores and boutiques alike, it can be a tricky shade to pull off. Be careful not to overdo it. For those committed to the color, purchase a statement piece, like a long dress coat. But for those a bit more color-shy, start out slow. Use a soft, matte orange lip color for a standout beauty trend or purchase a few orange accessories — a clutch, scarf or pair of pumps. These will add just the right amount of poppy, burnt orange color to your outfit without chance of a fashion faux pas.


Although tortoiseshell is more relevant in the realm of accessories, it still remains a huge color and pattern trend for fall 2011. And, its classic, natural meld of colors lends itself perfectly to a fall color palette. Tortoiseshell and tortoiseshell accessories are rarely paired with silver metals or accents. Look for tortoiseshell clutches with gold hardware, tortoise shell pumps with straps and buckles, and geometric, tortoiseshell necklaces. Tortoiseshell can be worn with a wide range of fall colors, but I like it best with rusty metallics, olives and brighter yellows or orange hues. Just be careful your outfit doesn’t look like you just walked out of the woods — too many neutrals will just look blah.