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40 years ago: Strange visitor invades downtown clothing store

August 27, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 27, 1971:

  • Mayer Litwin, owner of Litwin’s at 831 Mass., had an unwelcome surprise when he opened his store one recent morning. An opossum had hidden in a ledge under a north display window. The visitor had apparently planned to stay there throughout the day, but police and animal control officers “foiled its plans by putting it in a box and carrying it off to be released near the edge of the city.”
  • A rash of “pretty good imitation” $20 bills was making the rounds in Lawrence. At least eight of the counterfeit bills had been reported to the Lawrence Police Department so far, having turned up in cash registers of banks and “nearly all types of stores.” The bogus bills were reported as being fairly convincing knockoffs, except for being made of a slightly softer paper and appearing a slightly darker color than a genuine bill.
  • It was the first day of the new school year for students of Lawrence High School and St. John’s. Kindergarten students had one more week to frolic, as they did not have to report to school until Sept. 2.


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