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Douglas County prosecutors decide against filing charges after KU student makes stalking allegations

August 25, 2011


ttorney Charles Branson said Thursday there was insufficient evidence to file a charge “at this time” against a man accused of stalking a woman on the Kansas University campus.

KU Public Safety officers arrested the 25-year-old Lawrence man Tuesday night at Stauffer Place apartment complex and accused him of stalking the woman from June 22 through Tuesday night by sending email messages and making other forms of contact. The suspect had been warned to stop, but he was arrested after the 19-year-old female KU student reported the stalking continued, KU police said.

The man, also a KU student, was held in jail Wednesday and Thursday morning as prosecutors were deciding about filing formal charges. Branson said his office has not asked for further information in the case.


Steve Jacob 6 years, 10 months ago

At the very least I hope the guy learned his lesson, and hope even KU kicks him out. If two days behind bars doesn't scare him, nothing will.

jhawkinsf 6 years, 10 months ago

Keep an eye on him. The police should let him know they're there. Make their presence known. Make the guy feel just a little uncomfortable. Just saying.

tomatogrower 6 years, 10 months ago

So, you think you should be able to email anyone you want? What about that persons rights? I think there might be a way to block and email, but the real world is not allowing someone to violate your boundaries that you have set, email, phone calls, or other wise.

begin60 6 years, 10 months ago

At least the KU cops apparently had the decency to warn this guy. Sometimes they don't even take the basic courtesy or professionalism to even contact a "defendant" at all before sending their incompetent, conflict-of-interest dispositions to the DA.

Email, unless especially threatening or ominous, hardly seems to form a strong basis fair stalking charges. This town is full of in-your-face street harassers who thrive on ruining people's days by injecting their intellectually challenged two cents into the lives of complete strangers. It should be illegal to be as stupid as a lot of people in this town are. I only ended up here after being sexually harassed by the head professor at a extremely competitive graduate program where I was one of three admitted nation-wide. This guy had to retire early a few years ago because of his long pattern of abusing women, but the other university tried to protect him, and complainers became the object of a southern-justice vendetta. Haha.

That hypocrisy was small patooties compared the despicable lying carried on by the"unequal opportunity" unit at KU. At least there exists the semblance of a grievance procedure at most places that consider themselves universities.. False charges aren't filed internally without the chance for a hearing, let alone externally. Freaking KU- HR people have zero respect for legally required confidentiality, and that's their job.

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