100 years ago: Speaker at bakers’ convention criticizes homemade bread

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 24, 1911:

  • “ARE YOU A MURDERER? — That the modern housewife who attempts to bake her own bread produces a soggy article and is committing murder in allowing it to be eaten, was the statement of Paul Schulze of Chicago, president of the National Association of master bakers at the annual convention here today. ‘This country is full of housewives who are proud of their cooking and who think they are doing their duty by baking at home,’ Schulze said. ‘The long suffering stomachs of their families continue to pay the penalty for this mistaken sense of duty.'”
  • “It used to be, when the stork arrived, that the happy dad had but one question to answer: ‘Boy or girl?’ But not so, now. City Clerk Frank Brooks, who has been made official registrar of births for the city, must know twenty different things. Here are the questions which the law requires: Full name of child. Sex of child. Color of child. Twin or triplet? [If so,] Number in order of birth. Is it legitimate? Date of birth. Full name of father. Residence of father. Color of father. Father’s age at last birthday. Place of father’s birth. Occupation of the father. Full name of mother. Color of mother. Mother’s age at last birthday. Mother’s occupation. Number of children born to the mother. Number of birth in order.”