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Lawrence Paper Company’s purchase of Lenexa firm expected to add some local jobs

August 23, 2011


A Lawrence-based manufacturer of cardboard boxes has purchased a Lenexa-based competitor in an effort to boost business.

The Lawrence Paper Company announced Tuesday that it has reached a deal to buy the Kansas City division of Liberty Carton Co. The deal calls for all of Liberty Carton’s operations to be transferred to Lawrence.

“It is a rough market out there, and we have the capacity at our plant to do more business,” said Justin Hill, president of The Lawrence Paper Company. “This will help us put more business through our plant.”

Liberty’s Kansas City division had about 15 employees. Hill said the workforce at the Lawrence paper plant will grow as a result of the deal, but he said by how much had not yet been determined. The Lawrence Paper Company, which has its offices and production plant at 2801 Lakeview Road, currently employs about 200 people.

The deal marks the first acquisition in several years for the company, which has been based in Lawrence since 1882.


David Holroyd 6 years, 10 months ago

15 employees and do they plan to move to Lawrence? Is Lenexa mounting a campaign to save their jobs?

libertyc 6 years, 10 months ago

As one of the 15 employees at Liberty Carton I can assure you that all employees were KICKED to the CURB. A week and a half and your on the street. 1 employee was offered employment but refused to take such a serious pay cut after 15 years with liberty carton. SHE CRIED HARD.!!! 9 am on tues we were notified, that afternoon the trucks were rolling in. American GREED.. gotta LOVE IT. By friday most of the business was empty. WTF

libertyc 6 years, 10 months ago

The kicker in all this is..... We were all of the sudden called a LIABILTY, with the promise of a weeks pay if there were no accidents untill Sept 2. With a weeks pay I won't have to sell off my youngest child... In all fairness Liberty Carton is taking care of all 15 of us with a pay package. Liberty Carton is a Wonderful company who really took care of all employees, they will be missed. Good luck to all Liberty Carton employees and may GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. Lawrence Paper company.... SHAME ON YOU... TELL THE TRUTH... It will only hurt a little, after all WHO CARES.. Maybe justin hill cares..... i don't think so.!!! Justin, remember human beings are not a liabilty they made you RICH..

pz5g1 6 years, 10 months ago

Sounds like more economic displacement, per Merrill.

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