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Chiefs’ Haley won’t speak on reported in-house fight

August 22, 2011


— On one practice field at the Kansas City Chiefs’ training facility Sunday, veteran running back Thomas Jones caught passes out of the backfield along with the rest of the team.

Over in the corner of an adjacent field, about as far away as possible, first-round draft pick Jonathan Baldwin slowly rode a stationary bicycle, his right hand heavily bandaged. The wide receiver did not accompany the Chiefs to Baltimore for their preseason game on Friday night, and coach Todd Haley has refused to discuss Baldwin besides acknowledging that he was injured during training camp.

When asked about a reported locker room fight between Baldwin and Jones that caused the injury, Haley referred to it as a “family issue” and declined to reveal any details.

“What I do know, as I’ve conveyed the last three years, most everything that happens within these walls is family business,” Haley said. “And I just think that’s the best thing for our team, and to become a real good team, I think you have to have those areas that are off limits.”

While Jones took part in the Chiefs’ entire practice Sunday, their first full workout since breaking camp in St. Joseph, Mo., Baldwin wore only his jersey and shorts while working out with a trainer.

He wandered the sideline during the opening drills, and then retreated to the stationary bike in the corner of the practice field, which he alternated with dragging a weighted sled up from end zone to end zone.


TopJayhawk 6 years, 5 months ago

Glad it happened. They knew this rookie was entittled and had attitude issues.

Sounds like Mr Jones took him to the woodshed and got him good. Now maybe he will know his place. And now he better produce, or it will be a bad, greedy mistep on the part of the pompous Chiefs.

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