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100 years ago: Article calls attention to neglected cemetery

August 22, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 22, 1911:

  • "South and west of the University lies Oread cemetery in which there are perhaps one hundred graves. The plot consists of about six acres and has not been used for many years. Most of the time since the other cemeteries were opened, Oread has been neglected. Occasionally someone would call attention to its condition and then weeds would be cut and it would be put into a little better condition for the time. N. A. Gwin now owns the land round about and has been given permission to use the old cemetery as a goat pasture in order to keep down the weeds, so now the goats graze over the graves of those who at one time were interested in the city of Lawrence and did what they could for its advancement. Mr. Gwin does not like the condition of affairs and stands ready to pay enough for the ground to remove all of the bodies and give them decent interment in one of the other cemeteries so the city would not be out one cent. It would appear that the offer of Mr. Gwin is a favorable one for the city and the easiest way out of a position that is little less than a disgrace to the town."
  • "L. K. Smith of Hull, Illinois, came in this morning to visit his brother, R. W. R. Smith of this city. The two brothers had not seen each other for 48 years and it was a happy reunion. The brothers are enjoying the visit today as one of the unusual events of their lives.”


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