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August 21, 2011


Michael Jay Beasterfeld, 33, Topeka, and Carrie Dawn Myers, 34, Lawrence.

Paul Franklin Chiasson, 21, Lawrence, and Lacy Darlene Sheley, 18, Lawrence.

Torrance Reed Parkins, 23, Lawrence, and Ann Marie Elliott, 25, Lawrence.

Zachary Thomas Hertzel, 23, Lawrence, and Laura Marie Fox, 26, Lawrence.

Derek Paul Trammell, 25, Lawrence, and Sara Jean Hollaway, 23, Lawrence.

Ryan Adrian Webb, 28, Lawrence, and Elizabeth Lee Gruner, 28, Lawrence.

Clayton Dickson Discher, 27, Tulsa, Okla., and Katie Ann Stiles, 27, Kansas City, Mo.

Troy Eugene Miller, 28, Lawrence, and Katrina Myers Nelson, 28, Lawrence.

Ryan Lee Coiner, 33, Lawrence, and Sandra Thayer Chamberlin, 30, Lawrence.


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