Texas A&M, SEC play out teen love drama

August 19, 2011


I suspected there would come a time when having a teenage daughter would come in handy. I didn’t anticipate that benefit would pop up in the wide world of sports.

And I certainly didn’t anticipate that it would pop up during conference expansion talk. But alas, it has.

Those of you with teenage daughters know that at their age, matters of the heart are required, by law, to be accompanied by drama.

I don’t recall such drama when I was a teenager. I’d like to think that’s because times have changed since then. But to be honest, deep down inside I know the real reason is because I’m a boy.

For boys, teenage love is like a car wash — they go through it, but they don’t really pay attention to what’s going on around them. I guess for that matter, teenage boys don’t really pay attention to anything going on around them.

But anyway, thanks to what I’ve learned in the short time since Insiderette hit the teens, this whole Texas A&M-Southeastern; Conference flirtation thing makes sense. It’s just like a teenage love drama.

Allow me to explain.

A&M; has been “going with” the Big 12 for a long time. They go back together as far as anyone can remember.

Not too long ago, Big 12 had some personal issues come up. If A&M; had been looking for a way out of its relationship with Big 12, that would have been a good time to get out.

Everyone who knew about Big 12’s personal issues would have understood. In fact, some of A&M;’s friends — and even family members — suggested to A&M; that it should move on. After all, SEC was available, and she certainly is attractive.

But A&M; stayed with Big 12, saying he wanted to remain loyal to her and help her through the issues. Even those who would have preferred that A&M; move on had to admire A&M;’s stance.

Something unexpected happened, though.

Big 12’s issues got resolved, but after a short while some of those resolutions didn’t seem to be working out as expected.

See, in addition to A&M;, a longtime friend named Texas had been helping Big 12, and Big 12 now appeared to be looking in Texas’ direction more than previously.

A&M; was understandably hurt.

To make matters worse, Texas was the quarterback on the football team. A&M; had been the wide receiver on a power-running team, so it did more blocking than pass-catching.

It wasn’t like A&M; was a lineman, though. A&M;’s name did make the box scores, but it usually was for something like two catches for 14 yards. As QB1, Texas, of course, had its names in all the stories and most of the headlines.

But A&M;’s father brought in a personal coach who made A&M; bigger, stronger and faster. That resulted in A&M; getting moved to running back.

I forgot to mention that Texas was the coach’s son. So he seemed to get preferential treatment. There even was the perception that Texas was telling the coach, his daddy, what plays to call.

Just as it appeared that A&M; was going to get more attention with its new position on the team, Texas got a brand new pickup.

It was a sweet one, too, and A&M; knew that with the new pickup, Texas would be able to go out with any girl in the school that he wanted.

All of a sudden, A&M; started second-guessing its decision not to flirt with SEC.

So, while still officially “going with” Big 12, A&M; started passing notes in class to SEC and didn’t care who noticed. In fact, A&M; seemed to want the others to notice.

So that’s where we’re at. Even though we think we know what’s going to happen next, as the father of a teenage daughter, let me assure you that even if everything goes exactly as expected, there will be unexpected drama.


trailertrash 6 years, 7 months ago

A truly hard hitting, in your face, I'll not reveal my sources news story.....Excellent job.

CheroCzech 6 years, 7 months ago

Yawn. David, your article was a yawner on Tuesday in the Star-Telegram, and it's a yawner again. Originality - 5 stars. Substance - 0 stars.

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