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100 years ago: Motorcyclist goes to court for speeding violation

August 19, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 19, 1911:

  • "Monday is the anniversary of the day in the history of Lawrence, Kansas, which will never be forgotten by those who were here on the 21st of August, 1863, when Quantrell and his bloody band from Missouri rode into town.... There is no reunion or public remembrance of the day ever held in Lawrence, but the outlaws who were here that date seem to think it a proper and suitable time for them to gather together and retell the stories of crime that they committed in Lawrence on that day. They are meeting today at Blue Springs, Missouri, and will spend two days together. They seem to have no shame."
  • "The case against Fred Lindley charged with driving his motor cycle faster than the law allows was tried in police court this morning and the defendant found guilty. The speed ordinance has not been very rigidly enforced for some time and speeding has come to be quite a habit. It was found necessary for the police department to secure a stop watch and comply it in running down law violators. The stop watch was the principal witness in the case tried this morning. According to the testimony of the officer who was handling the watch, the motor cycle was traveling at the rate of about 40 or 45 miles, making the distance of three blocks from Quincy street to Henry street in 30 seconds."


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