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Obama’s plan: New jobs proposals, challenging GOP

August 18, 2011


— Under fire in a nation desperate for jobs, President Barack Obama will soon announce a broad package of tax cuts, construction work and help for the millions of Americans who have been unemployed for months, a White House official said Wednesday. Republicans immediately cast doubt about any such plan, setting up a fresh economic showdown as the presidential campaign intensifies.

Obama will unveil his economic strategy in a speech right after Labor Day, hoping to frame the autumn jobs debate by pressuring Republicans in Congress to act or face the voters’ wrath. The country is in a deep state of disgust about Washington politics, piling urgency on both parties to help the economy quickly — or somehow position the other side to take the blame.

To pay for his jobs ideas, Obama will challenge the new “super committee” in Congress to go well beyond its goal of finding $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction, with part of the savings used to cover some of his economy-jolting help without sinking the nation deeper in debt. But there, too, Obama already faces trouble from Republican members who have ruled out tax hikes.

It’s all leading to a sharp campaign for public opinion, the outcome shaping the presidential and congressional elections in 2012.

Obama, as the most visible target for voter ire, is seeking re-election with unemployment north of 9 percent. No incumbent in recent times has won a second term with the jobless rate anywhere near that high.

The final details of Obama’s new economic plan have not been decided, and it is expected to be broader than the proposals known so far.

It is likely to include tax cuts to help the middle class, a build-up-America construction program that goes beyond any infrastructure proposal Obama has had already, and targeted help for the particularly worrisome group of people who have remained unemployed for many months in a row.

A White House official confirmed those details to The Associated Press, on condition of anonymity because the president has not disclosed them publicly.

In Illinois on Wednesday, Obama broadly outlined his plans to help the fragile economy and have the costs covered as part of a broad plan to reduce the deficit. He pledged to present a specific way to do both to the super committee of lawmakers assigned to come up with such a deficit-slicing plan before Thanksgiving.

Previewing his line of argument, Obama has spent much of a three-day bus tour through the Midwest lobbying people to pressure their members of Congress to deal with him.


Richard Heckler 6 years, 8 months ago

Neither party stepped up to the plate plain and simple. Bipartisanship is nonsense and rhetoric.

Our country needs jobs. Retaining Bush tax cuts,not saving $4 trillion and putting forth zero job bills was not the answer. The USA wants jobs that cannot be outsourced.

When will democrats learn five things?

  1. Following the economic direction of Tea Party Neoconservative Republicans frustrates the entire planet. Jobs create revenue tax cuts do not.

  2. That government MUST step up to the plate. Establish a major 3 year job program. USA industry does not want to employ americans they prefer the Chinese job market.

  3. I want my tax dollars putting people to work making money and creating new economic growth. This is a best bang for the tax buck. Put people to work rehabilitating federal highways and older sidewalks throughout the nation. And yes cleaner energy.

  4. Social Security Insurance adds nothing to the debt and seniors are paying for Medicare Insurance. Leave these successful programs alone.

  5. Stop the wars and cut pork barrel subsidies/earmarks.

What was missing? A budget that would have saved $4 trillion. and the “Peoples Budget” that which provides an economy this country needs:

* Creates good-paying jobs
* Fully maintains our social safety net
* Invests in education
* Ends our costly wars
* Closes the tax loopholes that have made offshoring jobs profitable
* Ends oil and gas subsidies that pollute our country at taxpayer expense
* Creates a national infrastructure investment bank to help us make intelligent investments for the future

What is the “Peoples Budget” ?,70

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