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Heard on the Hill: Bookstores looking forward to students’ return; students have club devoted to Brazilian art form; academy designed for talented, non-managerial staff to learn leadership skills

August 17, 2011


Students flocking to bookstores upon return to campus

James Rourke, assistant director of the Kansas University Bookstores, confirms that students being back is pretty awesome for the book-buying biz. Enlarge video

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• Ah … students are returning. That’s good news for just about everyone on campus, but it’s particularly good news for campus bookstores.

James Rourke, assistant director of the KU Bookstores, told me that the store typically does over half its business for the year in these crunch periods when students return right before class during the fall and spring semesters.

And, because we love videos here at, I made a video commemorating the occasion for you to enjoy.

• Another thing I spotted when I was wandering around on campus on Tuesday was that KU apparently has a capoeira club.

If you needed a little help with what exactly "capoeira" was, you and I were in the same boat.

The Brazilian art form apparently is a mish-mash of many different things, including martial arts, sports and music, according to WikiPedia, the great knower of all things. wrote about KU’s club back in 2005.

According to that article, the activity (sport?) has made an appearance in a movie or two, including in “Meet the Fockers,” where Dustin Hoffman’s character explains it this way:

"This is capoeira, man. This is some hard-core (expletive).”

• KU’s Public Management Center is sponsoring an Emerging Leaders Academy at the university this fall.

The program will begin in early September, and will run through January. Participants will meet in Lawrence on 10 Fridays during that period.

The program is designed for non-managerial staff at KU and other public sector agencies who have the capacity to become leaders in their departments or organizations.

The tuition for the program is $1,000, and $750 for KU staff members. An application and more details are available at

• If you ever find yourself in need of some hard-core (expletive), you can always come over here to Heard on the Hill. And even if you don’t, you should send me a tip at anyway.


Catzilla 6 years, 10 months ago

Bend over students and get ready to take it from the book stores.

rats 6 years, 10 months ago

With all due respect, when I went to college and graduate school, if a student turned in a paper citing "Wikipedia" as a source, that person got an automatic F. The reasons quickly became clear to most of us-- any loon can post whatever on it, but it takes a lot of effort for the average person to persuade the Wiki demigods that revisions are necessary. A professor of mine in grad school discovered that he was cited as a source on Wikipedia, which was fine, but the citation suggested he was dead! It took him months of fighting to change that.
That a professional journalist openly defers to Wikipedia's flea market of "knowledge" is troubling.

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