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Horoscope for Aug. 12

August 12, 2011


For Friday, Aug. 12:

This year, you move in a new direction with enthusiasm. You often are challenged by others. Listen to their feedback, as there might be a common thread. If you are single, you have many would-be suitors waiting. If you are attached, you often juggle two different concerns. Aquarius has the same issues as you but a different approach.

The Stars Show the Kind of Day You'll Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult

Aries (March 21-April 19)

•••• Zero in on what you need. The unexpected plays a strong role in decision-making. Much in the spirit of the day, you easily could go overboard then try to rein yourself back in. Tonight: Christen the weekend well.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

••• Often, people want to see or hear your perspective. Many people tap into your knowledge. You seem most indulgent and upbeat compared to many others. Tonight: A force to be dealt with.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

••••• It behooves you to get an overview or see a situation in a clearer light. Some of you will seek out experts, while others feel comfortable detaching. Tonight: Opt for the most off-beat invitation.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

•••• Perhaps you have been more difficult than you realize. If others seem to be distancing themselves from you, you can be sure of that fact. Tonight: Talk over dinner.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

••••• Plans are subject to being tossed left and right. Give up trying to control them. They will tumble one way or another. Tonight: Let your hair down.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

•••• You become more aware of the unpredictability of a partnership. Gaining some distance also could help you recognize the humor in the situation as you gaze around you. Tonight: Your normal Friday night.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

••••• Reach out for someone in your life who means a lot to you. Sometimes you stand on ceremony. You actually enjoy the joyfulness of the contact. Tonight: Let the fun begin.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

•••• Dance to another's tune and see if you might like it. In this manner, you can understand what your issue with this situation might be. Tonight: Buy some bubblies on the way home.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

••••• The smart move is to keep your options open. Return calls, schedule meetings and have a long-overdue talk. Tonight: Visit with a friend.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

••• You could be weighing the pros and cons of a risk. Ask yourself if you can afford the loss, then you will know what to do. Tonight: Indulge a little.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

••••• Your spirit soars, and even an overly serious loved one or friend has little impact. You are into seeing the bright side of life. Tonight: Let your imagination lead.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

•••• Be aware of a self-imposed restriction that might be causing a bigger limitation than necessary. Is there a reason you often give others as to why a situation doesn't work? Tonight: Take some much-needed personal time.┌


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