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100 years ago: Community asked to help widowed mother

August 12, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 12, 1911:

  • “The police have discovered a case where there is need of charity. A widow with three small children living in the east part of town has been found without provisions, furniture for the house or any of the necessities of life. Her condition is pitiful and she is deserving of charity. She is said to have been in Lawrence about six months and has been working most of the time for $5 a week.... J. P. Coffman, of the Social Service League, and A. L. Selig, commissioner of the poor, believe the woman merits public sympathy, after having thoroughly investigated the case. The woman needs household furniture and a small gas stove. A bed was promised this morning, but anyone having anything else may leave word at The Journal-World office and arrangements will be made by Mr. Coffman or Mr. Selig to take the things to her.”
  • “H. T. Martin, assistant in paleontology at the University of Kansas, has announced the finding of a fine skeleton of a saurian in the chalk cliffs near Sharon Springs. The skeleton is forty-eight feet long and is said to be almost perfect and with practically every bone intact and is one of the finest specimens the university excavators have ever found. The university has several saurians in its museum. They are not an uncommon find, but perfect ones are rather unusual, and this one is said to be especially valuable.”


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