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Pump Patrol

August 11, 2011



alfie 6 years ago

I am surprised that the JW is not making this more of a news story. We are having big time price manipulation going on in Lawrence

infidel 6 years ago

I and many friends, family and co-workers have stopped purchasing fuel in Lawrence altogether. Yes there is price manipulation - fixing going on here. Thankfully I travel outside the area were many things are cheaper.

infidel 6 years ago

I bought it for $3.25 in Topeka yesterday

1029 6 years ago

A few years back, I thought I could save a little cash by adding a little water to my fuel tank. Boy was I wrong!

alfie 6 years ago

there is probably enough water in the gas before you add more to it

alfie 6 years ago

when will the JW start rolling on this big price difference? lets get the wheels moving on this.

Jean Robart 6 years ago

$3.49 a gallon at Harper and 23rd. maybe lower to $3.45 by now.

Shane Garrett 6 years ago

Maybe it cost more to truck gas to Lawrence since it is farther from the pipe line than Topeka. Business owners in Lawrence would never be so cruel as to price fix. That only happens in Manhattan, where the price is still above 3.50 a gal.

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