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Kansas man admits to embezzling from Masons

August 9, 2011


— A northeast Kansas man has admitted embezzling nearly $285,000 from a Missouri-based Masonic organization he served as an officer.

The U.S. Attorney's office in Kansas City says that 75-year-old Kirk McDaniel faces up to 30 years in prison following his guilty plea Monday.

McDaniel is a resident of Prairie Village, Kan. As the secretary of the York Rite Masonic Bodies in Kansas City, he also took over some duties of the treasurer, such as writing checks and transferring funds between accounts.

McDaniel admitted that from June 2000 through late 2005, he transferred nearly $285,000 from the organization into private investment and bank accounts he opened. Prosecutors say McDaniel has paid back about $105,000.

A sentencing date will be scheduled later.


Crazy_Larry 6 years, 10 months ago

There are three great duties, which, as a Mason, you are strictly to observe and inculcate--to God, your neighbor, and yourself. To God, in never mentioning His name but with that reverential awe which is due from a creature to his Creator; to implore His aid in all your laudable undertakings, and to esteem Him as your chief good. To your neighbor, in acting upon the square, and doing unto him as you would he should do unto you: and to yourself, in avoiding all irregularity and intemperance, which may impair your facilities or debase the dignity of your profession. A zealous attachment to these duties will insure public and private esteem.

Sara Garlick 6 years, 10 months ago

He brings shame to The Masonic family and should be removed of title.

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