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100 years ago: Health officer releases report of causes of death in Douglas County

August 9, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 9, 1911:

  • “August is making good in the record class. According to the records kept at the University, today with a temperature of 102 is the hottest August day that has been experienced here since 1886. On that day the mercury mounted to 105 at the K.U. station.”
  • “The Central Protective Association picnic will be held at Eudora tomorrow. That mere announcement is enough to attract a large crowd. There is always provision made for a good time at Eudora. The picnic this year will be a record-breaker unless all signs fail. For years people have gone from four counties and have traveled many miles to get there. Eudora is a rattling good town and it has many committees at work. Nothing is ever neglected. If you miss the picnic at Eudora tomorrow you miss the best thing of the kind this year.”
  • “According to the regular report of Dr. S. T. Gillispie, county health officer, there were just three times as many deaths as births in Douglas county during the month of July. His report shows 32 deaths and but 8 births during this time. The deaths were caused as follows: Dysentery, 1; Cancer, 4; Typhoid, 2; Old Age, 8; Apoplexy, 1; Stomach Trouble, 2; Child Birth, 1; Heart Prostration, 1; Rheumatism, 1; Paralysis, 1; Gangrene, 1; Poison (accidental), 1; Brights disease, 2; Spasms, 1; Dropsy, 2; Tuberculosis, 2; Hemorrhage, 1.”


Sarah St. John 6 years, 10 months ago

Since moving here, I'd always heard that C.P.A. (as in Eudora's C.P.A. picnic) stood for Cattlemen's Protective Association. But in the 1911 paper, in more than one place, it said "Central" instead of "Cattlemen," so now I'm not sure. Perhaps a resident of longer standing can set me straight?

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