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Statehouse Live: People rally at Capitol to protest Brownback policies

August 6, 2011, 2:32 p.m. Updated August 6, 2011, 3:01 p.m.


Two large flags are unfurled Saturday at the Capitol during a rally put on by the Kansas Equality Coalition and Kansas National Organization for Women. About 150 people attended.

Two large flags are unfurled Saturday at the Capitol during a rally put on by the Kansas Equality Coalition and Kansas National Organization for Women. About 150 people attended.

Kaylyn Wright (left) and Leslie Goodwin, both Kansas University students, who recently formed Speak for Choice, attended the rally Saturday at the Capitol. They said they were upset with Gov. Sam Brownback signing into law anti-abortion legislation.

Kaylyn Wright (left) and Leslie Goodwin, both Kansas University students, who recently formed Speak for Choice, attended the rally Saturday at the Capitol. They said they were upset with Gov. Sam Brownback signing into law anti-abortion legislation.

Richard Sengpiehl (seated) and Jake and Masha Kipp (in background), all from Lawrence, attended the rally Saturday at the Capitol. The three had also gone to an earlier event in Lawrence to support keeping open the Lawrence office of the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services.

Richard Sengpiehl (seated) and Jake and Masha Kipp (in background), all from Lawrence, attended the rally Saturday at the Capitol. The three had also gone to an earlier event in Lawrence to support keeping open the Lawrence office of the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services.

— Led by gay and women’s rights groups, about 150 people rallied on the Statehouse grounds Saturday, criticizing the policies of Gov. Sam Brownback.

Meanwhile, Brownback was in Houston, participating in a high-profile prayer event put on by groups opposed to gay rights and abortion.

At the Capitol rally, Dan Manning of Wichita, who was kicked out of the military for being gay, blasted Brownback for associating with people “who are praying for our demise.”

“The God I know is a God of love and wants each and every one of us,” Manning said. “I have a message for Governor Brownback: We are not going away.”

The rally was called by the Kansas Equality Coalition and the Kansas chapter of the National Organization for Women as “A Celebration of the First Amendment” in response to police interference during separate events that the groups had at the Capitol in June.

‘Time for us to pray’

The rally took on added significance, occurring on the same day that Brownback attended “The Response,” a prayer event at Reliant Stadium that was called by Texas Gov. Rick Perry and hosted by groups that have been outspoken opponents of gay rights and abortion rights.

Brownback was the only governor to accept Perry’s invitation, and Brownback’s staff said the governor would pay his own way there. But after publicity increased about the anti-gay sentiments of some of the groups, Brownback’s staff refused to confirm whether he was going.

But Brownback did attend, spoke briefly and offered a prayer. He also embraced Perry, who is considering running for the Republican nomination for president, onstage.

Brownback’s office later released a statement in which Brownback said leaders prayed during the Revolutionary War, Civil War and during civil rights fights.

“We are in a difficult time again for our nation; now it is time for us to pray,” he said.

At the Statehouse rally, Thomas Witt, chairman of the Kansas Equality Coalition, said, “I wonder if we’re going to see a Perry-Brownback ticket.”

Those attending the rally at the Statehouse criticized Brownback over several issues, such as signing into law several anti-abortion measures, vetoing state arts funding and planning the closure of the state welfare agency office in Lawrence.

Lawrence sentiments

Several Lawrence residents attended a prayer vigil in Lawrence earlier Saturday to support keeping open the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services office, and then drove to Topeka for the rally.

Two of those were Jake and Masha Kipp. Jake said Kansas has a tradition of moderate Republican and Democratic governors “who represent all the people, but this governor doesn’t.”

Richard Sengpiehl of Lawrence said he was also upset about Brownback’s decision to close the SRS office.

“It’s a question of priorities. His priorities haven’t been mine,” he said.

Brownback and SRS Secretary Robert Siedlecki Jr. have said closing the office is needed to cut costs, but local advocates say it will result in vulnerable Kansans losing needed services.

Kaylyn Wright and Leslie Goodwin, two Kansas University seniors, also attended the rally, saying Brownback’s approval of a bill establishing abortion clinic regulations and licensing prompted them to form a pro-choice organization called Speak for Choice.

They said the law, which has been challenged in federal court, has nothing to do with protecting health but is designed to shut down clinics.

No police disruptions

The rally was initially called after Capitol police got involved in two earlier events.

During a rally June 24 on the Capitol grounds, police blocked members of the Kansas Equality Coalition from carrying U.S., Kansas and rainbow flags, saying that the flagpoles could be used as weapons.

News reports later showed that groups in the past had been allowed to bring flags on the Statehouse grounds.

On June 1, police interfered with a National Organization for Women news conference, saying that three spare tires that were being used as a prop had to be removed. The prop was in response to remarks by state Rep. Pete DeGraaf, R-Mulvane, who compared purchasing separate abortion insurance with carrying a spare tire in his car in case he had a flat.

On Saturday, there were no police outside monitoring the event. The groups unfurled large U.S. and rainbow flags.

Kurt Schueler, chair of the Lawrence-Douglas County chapter of the Equality Coalition, said he wanted to make sure that no one’s rights were limited.

“We will not sit back and take it. We will not be denied our rights,” he said.


Timothy Eugene 6 years ago

150? That's it? A state with a population of over 2.8 million and you only get 150? Goes to show what a minor minority you are. Gays make up (by last research) 1.7 % of the worlds population. Minor minority.

Erin Graham 6 years ago

^^....KS[fbcoach]as biggoted as you think.

tatchity 6 years ago

Hey Coach, this is a terrrrrrrrible argument to make. What "special treatment" are they asking for? Marriage? Following your logic, 98.3% of Americans have access to it already.

Further, what role does their percentage of the populace play into them having the same rights and protections as everyone else?

roadwarrior 6 years ago

your duty as a citizen patriot is to defend the rights of our constitution which protects all fellow citizens, including yourself.

Alceste 6 years ago

Ya know, amongst the "high level" state hacks.....Roadwarrior means something rather derogatory:

Retired On Active Duty = R.O.A.D. warriors.....them waiting for the KPERS pay off.....

Crazy_Larry 6 years ago

Worth repeating: Protects all citizens, including the minor minority.

Crazy_Larry 6 years ago

Well, unless you change the constitution to take freedom away from the minor minority--like Kansas. "As Bigoted As You Think!"

OzD 6 years ago

"I am more tolerant than 99% of liberals. Liberals are like terrorists." Wow, that IS pretty darned tolerant of you. An intolerant person would have said something nuts like "Liberals are terrorists", and left out the "like".

On a more serious note, flag poles and car tires? Is it because neither are listed in the 2nd amendment or something?

Joseph Jarvis 6 years ago


What special treatment do gays seek?

It's absurd to say gays are terrorists because they destroy anti-gay people. Minorities are more likely to be victims of ideological crimes, hence hate crime laws. How many gay on straight crimes do you hear about?

Regarding the size of the community, I think your statistic is a little low. Even so, applying it to the state's population would estimate 48,000 gay Kansans. That's significant.

Erin Graham 6 years ago

awww... you used the "L" quaint!

Crazy_Larry 6 years ago

Hey coach! Remind me again, what 'special treatment' are the gays demanding?

camper 6 years ago

Ksfootball coach, you sure do like to group people and categorize them. You have your square holes and pegs that that fit nicely with your world view. Every post you ever done seems like you have to throw in the word liberal. Where did you get this obsession?

eyeye 6 years ago

There's that classic Republican hypocrisy AGAIN: "Pro-Life" but No authentic respect for life; 150 people are nothing. Individual persons do not matter, unless you say they do. You supposedly value individual freedom, but place no value on individual persons.

George Washington was only one person who dared to be different.

And, yet to you "patriots", small things don't really matter, so in all true honesty that actually DOES include small things like children & fetuses, especially brown, non-"christian" ones, who happen to be in the way of American Exceptionalism.

The logical conclusion is: life only matters if it either does your will or is identical to your own.

Who died and made you "God"?

Tony Holladay 6 years ago

So what if they are a minority. Does that mean they don't deserve equal rights like the rest of us?

Crazy_Larry 6 years ago

I don't know if this is rhetorical or not, but we live in a republic and not a true democracy. I think the government was hi-jacked, then somehow transitioned into a democracy, and onto oligarchy.

ConservativeDemocrat 5 years, 3 months ago

Libtards are unable to comprehend simple facts. you are wasting your time.

damnitimpissed 6 years ago

Correction Journal World: That woman in the photo is NOT "Marsha". It is either Maia or Masha. I am acquainted with the couple. Thanks.

btsflk 6 years ago

For those who missed this rally, there is an event scheduled for 6PM Wed, at 9th and Mass, to show our legislators(?) how unhappy we are with their incompetance. It would be great if more than 150 people showed up.

Brock Masters 6 years ago

I might have to attend because I too believe Lawrence's legislators are, well, I won't say incompetent, but certainly ineffective at representing Lawrence. Thanks for the heads up.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

So you'd be happier if they fell into goose-step with brownback?

Brock Masters 6 years ago

Not me. I wish they were more effective at countering some of what Brownback does.

Why would you be happier if they fell in line with him?

And don't jump on me, I'm not the one holding the event to shod and I quote, "to show our legislators(?) how unhappy we are with their incompetence."

As I said, I won't, like the previous poster, call them incompetent, (that is just mean), I just wish they did a better job of getting stuff done in Topeka.

gl0ck0wn3r 6 years ago

Everything is reflexively black and white for bozo so I doubt he understands the subtlety of your statement.

Brock Masters 6 years ago

Thanks - glad someone on here is smart enough to get it.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

So how would you suggest they become more effective? Vote early and vote often, and hope no one notices?

Brock Masters 6 years ago

The voting in both chambers is only open for a period of time and votes are carefully recorded so your suggestion, while I am sure well-intentioned, is not possible.

The only way for them to be more effective is to develop better leadership skills and thus, become more persuasive in promoting the interests of Lawrence.

cowboy 6 years ago

Excertps from Browneye's prayer via Politico

"Then Brownback offered his own prayer. "Loving God, forgive us our many sins; for being judgmental, unloving, focused on ourselves, lacking in mercy, hypocritical," he said. "We are sinful and flawed; yet use us anyway by and for your glory and purposes that we may all live quiet and peaceful lives." Continue Reading

"We need you. America needs you. I pray this in your name," he finished."

That's more self insight than this nitwit has displayed in his entire life !

Lana Christie-Hayes 6 years ago

Oh God, hear this prayer! ~~ (one can only pray that he applies it to himself!)

situveux1 6 years ago

More words in the story than people showing up at the "rally." Odd.

Jimo 6 years ago

150 is 10x the size of a typical Tea Party rally these days.

No doubt, with 150, there'll be months of breathless reporting by the media, maybe a rally on the Mall, huge marketing expenditures, endless profiles asking 'what do they want'? ...... what? There aren't shady corporate millions to prop up this 'Auntie Tea Party'?

Oh, well, never mind.

'Auntie Tea' had better learn you don't get anywhere without pushing the interests of the wealthy, that corporate lobbyists are critical to the success of a grassroots organization. Heck, I bet the Aunties can't even spell astro-turf. Or find Section 504(c)(4) in the tax code so they can secretly launder their cash.

What a bunch of losers. The least they could have done was show up in fringed shirts and tricorner hats and held a slave auction for the blackies while praying to God to defend their own liberty!

kernal 6 years ago

Attendance at outdoor rallys is usually low when air temps are high.

Thing is, being ticked off at Brownback is nothing new and the rally was about as constructive as Brownback's trip to Texas.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

Should I take that as a compliment, my fellow bozo?


I would go to protest Bareback, but I wouldn't really want to get caught up in a pride march. Maybe next time.

verity 6 years ago

Good-hair Perry and Good-hair Brownback in 2012. Run, please run!

Palin has used up her fifteen minutes (which ran way overtime) and Bachmann is too crazy and addled for even the Republicans to consider.

If there is a God---well, I really suspect (s)he doesn't much like either of these guys.

Crazy_Larry 6 years ago

I don't know about shifty, but his eyes, to me, look as though he's been smoking left-handed cigarettes.

verity 6 years ago

Or, we hope, the VP.

Maybe my sarcasm wasn't evident, but that's why I want him to run.

Cant_have_it_both_ways 6 years ago

You would think they could display the flags in the correct order.

verity 6 years ago

I don't know, Tange, but I'm going to do it anyway.

"And when you pray, you shall not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Truly I say to you, They have their reward." Matthew 6:5

I like Matthew 7 also. (15-23). Has a very poetic ring to it and isn't hard to understand.

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity." KJV

riverdrifter 6 years ago

They drew 30,000 for "the response". That's about half of what the Nebraska football team draws for its annual spring football scrimmage. Has to be a big disappointment for Perry.

Crazy_Larry 6 years ago

Maybe they could have gotten 300 people to show had they had the same advertising budget as "The Response." Oh, and the City of Houston has more people than all of the State of Kansas does...that probably helped boost attendance.

Crazy_Larry 6 years ago

Critical really should try it some can help you with life.

Crazy_Larry 6 years ago

No critical thinking from Crazy_Larry, you say? Did you not read my post above? You either do not know the definition of critical thinking, lack reading comprehension, or you're as dumb as a box of rocks.

Crazy_Larry 6 years ago

Oh, now I get it. You're smoking crack again. Put down the glass pipe and perhaps you'll regain some mental capacity.

eyeye 6 years ago

Mostly from Texas and all networking to avoid being laid-off, or to get a job if they are, or one of theirs is, currently un-employed.

maybeso 6 years ago

Yo Sam, God helps those who help themselves, right? So in addition to praying, why not actually try on your own to stop "being judgmental, unloving, focused on ourselves, lacking in mercy, hypocritical?" God don't hate, why you "high-profile" Christians gotta hate so much?

Scott Tichenor 6 years ago

A Sam Brokeback prayer:

"Dear God,

Tonight watch over the Koch Brothers for me during my absence from the Right side of Kansas. Pray that we can maintain our corporate welfare subsidies so that their multi-billions continue to bless the Brothers. I know My God would want Us to strip the pre-schools, elementary schools, Jr. High Schools, High Schools and higher education of all adequate funding so that corporate welfare continues to watch over our precious billionaires. Please, dear God, help us deliver additional funding beyond our wildest dreams by removing any assistance for the elderly, handicapped, mentally ill, and those that are simply poor by removing those totally unnecessary funding. Furthermore, cast a curse on those who do not agree with me. For thine is the father, the $on, and the Holy Ghost. Amen."

Jimo 6 years ago

Indeed. You can trace the same sentiments back to the Founders, praying for their liberty keep their slaves, kill all the Indians, and generally despoil the land, air, water, and wildlife of the nation.

Not that anyone has told Marcus Bachmann about any of this.

kansanjayhawk 6 years ago

Everyone has the right to express their opinion on the issues I welcome the rally! However, my position and I believe the position of the majority of Kansans as expressed by the Kansas House and Kansas Senate is that abortion should be limited to the extent permitted by the law. Also, while homosexual persons have rights they should not be entitled to "special rights" and protections that go beyond that of the average citizen. Kansas is a conservative state and it is being expressed in our laws.

Zac Hamlin 6 years ago

What "special rights" are you concerned about?

Crazy_Larry 6 years ago

Yeah, what special rights are the gays asking for? I've seen a few cons using the term. Nobody seems to be able to answer the question though.

eyeye 6 years ago

They're concerned that the LGBT community will do as the "Christian" community does and use "at will" employment and economics in general as a means of enforcing political conformity to ChurchCoC. That's the special right they're concerned about and it belongs exclusively to "Christians" because they ARE "God".

Cait McKnelly 6 years ago

What "special rights" are they asking for that aren't already accorded to everyone else? And why do you keep repeating "majority of Kansans" over and over? You have some kind of telepathic link with every person in this state to read their thoughts? If you're going by election results, only one third of registered voters turned out for the last election. Brownback got a little over 60% of the vote. That's neither a "mandate" nor a "majority of Kansans". And believe me, your precious governor is piing off enough people that I can pretty well guarantee more than a third will show up for the next election, not to mention the people that voted for him in the past election that won't repeat that mistake. Be afraid, KJH. Very afraid.

kansanjayhawk 6 years ago

we shall see...but my belief is that a vast majority of Kansans are conservative family people who want the best for their family...they do not view abortion or homosexuality in a postive light although they believe in being fair to everyone and listening to all points of view. We can agree to disagree agreeably and we shall see what the next election holds. I don't think the liberals are going to be very happy with the results!

Cait McKnelly 6 years ago

Then I would suggest that you stop stating what you "believe" as "fact".

Crazy_Larry 6 years ago

They believe in being fair! You mean being at the State Fair? What about gay marriage is unfair? Please answer this one for me.

Jimo 6 years ago

Why is everyone who doesn't back the most extremist politics in American history a "liberal"?

If we're not in Houston rubbing elbows with those who proclaim the Pope as the Antichrist or believe the Japanese emperor sleeps with demons, or that Nazis were God's own solution, are you claiming that the 99% of those who correctly classify such Friends-of-Sam as bigots, religious kooks, and hate groups - that 99% are just "liberals"?

Hmmm...yeah, I guess they are liberals, believing in freedom and equality, of life, liberty, and property, that a nation is the joint enterprise of the populace rather than merely the sum of individual sovereign persons, that political matters are the affairs of mankind not of divine will, etc., etc. -- you know, normal people, real Americans.

jafs 6 years ago

Being "fair" to everyone would mean granting homosexuals the same rights and privileges as straight people enjoy.

Crazy_Larry 6 years ago

Liberalism (from the Latin liberalis, "of freedom") is the belief in the importance of liberty and equal rights. Explain to me again, what's wrong with that?

ConservativeDemocrat 5 years, 3 months ago

Crazy-Larry wins FIRST PRIZE for the greatest "spin-job" of the day! Libs don't want equal rights, they want socialism rights so the don't have to work for a living like we conservatives are forced to do to support our families (plus those at the "hog trough").

kwrong 6 years ago

I was there. It was about 150-200 people actually. We were quite spread out though (and in the shade) since it felt like it was 100 degrees.

None of those pictures are of the full crowd.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

So is the "lamestream" media stoking the liberal flame, or feeding your reactionary paranoia and bigotry?

Jimo 6 years ago

Interesting that the propagandists with a long history of fake crowd estimates and substituted stock crowd footage instantly assumes that 'everyone else does it too'!

Crazy_Larry 6 years ago

Because 'god is love' and brownback isn't acting in a loving way towards certain citizens of Kansas?

eyeye 6 years ago

Because anyone who ASSUMES s/he is righteous and has it in with God is a BLASPHEMER. There's a reason that the 1st Commandment IS the 1st Commandment.

Jesus' next to last words on the cross were about whether God had forsaken him and yet "Christians" take that sacrifice for granted all of the time with their quid-pro-quo "salvation".

kansanjayhawk 6 years ago

Governor Brownback is supporting and representing a vast majority of Kansans who support traditional family values and believe in God. Certainly, if there is one thing this nation needs it is prayer and a return to God and the Bible. The morals of America are in decline and we need to return to our Judeo-Christian roots!

mom_of_three 6 years ago

while you believe the morals of americans have declined, i don't think you can blame it solely on gays. Dont forget about the divorces, murders, drinking, affairs, embezzlement, living beyond extreme. etc.
And you want to go back to the roots? well, not everyone believed the same then either. Their were deists, athiests, calvinists, quakers, etc. And even back then, they were worried about the religious decline of the country. Ever heard of the 2nd great awakening. People having been using morals to blame the countries' problems for years.

Crazy_Larry 6 years ago

You left out ignorance in your list of ills.

Brock Masters 6 years ago

The problem about talking about morals is that morals are fluid and not universal. They are subject to interpretation of the society so it is difficult to discuss morals within the context of a divided and splintered society.

Anyone who believes that their morals and values are more "right" than anyone else's is not grounded in reality. The only way someone's morals are right is if society says they are or if the courts rule they are.

And the truth is, people on both sides do not want their morals to be binding and instead wants to apply them when it suits them. Two examples.

The right says it wants limited government except when it suits them by controlling the private activities of people. No room in their world for strippers.

The left says it wants inclusion and diversity except if it means accepting those that disagree with them. No room in their world for the tea party because they are "terrorist."

It is just a battle of wills and neither side is willing to compromise. In the end either one side will dominate the other or both sides will destroy each other.

Crazy_Larry 6 years ago

The morals of America are in decline by design; and it ain't for lack of prayer.

eyeye 6 years ago

The morals of America are the FAMILY's responsibility, NOT THE GOVERNMENT'S.

The morals of America WERE in decline; they are currently DESTROYED, by a "Christian" Crusade to Iraq where we killed, and supported killing, untold thousands of INNOCENT people including 10s of thousands of children.

People who died for our sins (ignorance, lies, greed, fear, racism) are JESUS. You all killed The Bible, so you can't even see the living Jesus around you in all of those whom "Christians"/we take advantage of in the name of our real god, money.

CHKNLTL 6 years ago

There are many people who support family values, I don't believe many of them are politicians. Those "Christian Politicians" in Washington are merely putting on a show for you and your friends while they meet in their Freemason compounds after dark to worship the Devil.

BlackVelvet 6 years ago

Oh, don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen. And if by some chance it did occur, the left would claim it was the devil, disguised as "teabaggers" who were responsible and should not be taken seriously.

Crazy_Larry 6 years ago

Time to organize, folks. As you can see, it won't spontaneously happen, it takes action. I volunteer to be Sergeant-at-Arms. Time to leave the comfort zone. Let's do this.

pinecreek 6 years ago

Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct.

-Thomas Jefferson

WilburNether 6 years ago

"Jake said Kansas has a tradition of moderate Republican and Democratic governors “who represent all the people, but this governor doesn’t.”

What an incredibly foolish assertion. "Moderate Republican and Democratic governors" no more "represent all of the people" than Brownback does.

Get a clue, Mr. Kipp.

Jimo 6 years ago

Perhaps he should have said "real Kansans"?

eyeye 6 years ago

"God" may or may not forgive SUBSIDY Sam, but I imagine his SUBSIDY and Tax Exemption nourished cartels WILL forgive him and themselves. However, there's a whole lot of INNOCENT people, including 10s of thousands of CHILDREN, who have suffered and died, JUST LIKE JESUS, for ChurchCo's sins and LIES, including OUR soldiers.

So, forgiven or not, Sam, that only matters to you and yours, people are STILL DEAD and MAIMED and all of your piety will never change what "we" did and will do in the very near future to "the least amongst you" with "Jesus" plus NOTHING.

So, SUBSIDY Sam, IF you are authentically sorry, you must make amends; what are you going to do about the death and destruction caused by you and your financial backers, the Church-Chamber-of-Commerce.

Kontum1972 6 years ago

those who did not show up were afraid that the HIT Squads would take their pics...then later hunt them down...i saw the movie...!

the Gov was played by Arnold S.

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