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Man transported to Kansas City area hospital following downtown altercation

August 5, 2011


Emergency crews respond to an altercation Friday morning that sent one man to a Kansas City area hospital. The incident occurred in the 800 block of Massachusetts Street.

Emergency crews respond to an altercation Friday morning that sent one man to a Kansas City area hospital. The incident occurred in the 800 block of Massachusetts Street.

One taken to hospital following downtown altercation

A man was transported to a Kansas City area hospital Friday morning following an altercation downtown. The man suffered serious injuries after being punched and reportedly hitting his head on the sidewalk. Enlarge video

A 22-year-old man suffered serious injuries early Friday morning following an altercation in the 800 block of Massachusetts Street.

According to Lawrence police Sgt. Susan Hadl, witnesses said the 22-year-old man had been walking south on Massachusetts Street when a vehicle rolled by and items were thrown at him. Hadl said the man and the occupants of the vehicle exchanged words. The driver of the vehicle then parked, exited the vehicle and punched the man, whose head struck the ground.

Police were called about 1:45 a.m.

Emergency crews on scene washed blood off the sidewalk while medics tended to the victim. The assailant fled north in a silver crossover vehicle, possibly a Dodge Journey. The suspect was described as a black man of average height and build with three-inch curly hair.

Calls were made to determine the availability of a helicopter, but the victim was ultimately taken by ambulance to a Kansas City hospital.

Hadl urged anyone with information about the incident to call police at 785-832-7650, or Crime Stoppers at 785-843-TIPS.


TopJayhawk 4 years ago

Aw Lawrence. The peaceful non violent, accepting of all town that is so full of hypocrisy we all just laugh.

puddleglum 4 years ago

"The suspect was described as a black man of average height and build with three-inch curly hair." obviously, Topeka strikes again

CHKNLTL 4 years ago

Um, Topeka striking would have read "Man transported with Gunshot wounds"

puddleglum 4 years ago

really? a jerk? no, actually I am correct-as usual:

now crawl back to your bus station and get back to work, you stallion.

guppypunkhead 4 years ago

Wow, someone got the stuffing beat out of them for seemingly no reason, 3 blocks from my house. Great.

eel 4 years ago

was the victim white?, if so this is a hate crime

Stuart Evans 4 years ago

I imagine it depends on whether there were any comments made referring to the victims race. Unless they were responding to the original comment made by the victim; was it racially charged? Though none of it would have happened if someone hadn't thrown something from a moving vehicle.

dean2 4 years ago

Yes . The victim was white. So what? This has nothing to do with the victim saying racial comments to the offenders. He never did. He responded to these low lifes by saying ''what are you doing'' when they began throwing things at him from their vehicle He is a young college kid minding his own business. I truly hope someone comes forward and help the authorities . This young man suffered great injuries and the criminals are still at large.Yes the offenders were black. So what? Does that make the entire race guilty? Let's focus on the crime committed .

Lance Cheney 4 years ago

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somedude20 4 years ago

I am not a giant fan of people running around the town with guns/weapons (legal or not) but one of these days someone will do the wrong thing to another and will see why people have a "CC" and maybe then the hooligans will cool it down a bit (or come back with a bigger weapon). Alcohol, it is a hell of a drug!!

SCOE 4 years ago

i read this article twice and did not see alcohol in the article at all?????????

somedude20 4 years ago

Given the time of morning (cops called 1:45) and on Mass (not too many places to eat on the 800 block of Mass at the time of morning and the way they acted) it is reasonable to believe that one, if not both of the parties were drinking/drunk.

Joe Hyde 4 years ago

Correct, somedude20.

A 22 year-old male walking down Mass. St. sidewalks after 1am definitely has his priorities right. (Might meet a cute young woman.) A male driver cruising Mass. St. after 1am who throws objects at another male who's doing nothing more than walking down a sidewalk, that driver has his priorities damn wrong.

Hope the law catches that driver, and I hope the victim recovers 100%.

somebodynew 4 years ago

And you would have that One cop where?? The odds of him/her being precisely where something like this happened is astronomical. At that hour, if he is a block away he/she will probably not even know something happened till it is too late, and even if they did find out, by the time they walked/ran to the scene, the bad guy would be gone.

Now, if you want to pay for a cop on every corner that might be different, but then we give all the haters on here your home email so they can just complain to you about Big Brother.

Raphael 4 years ago

The vehicle was not moving according to eye witnesses

Kansas27 4 years ago

What do you mean? The article said the vehicle "rolled by"

Raphael 4 years ago

ya, that was wrong - it was parked on Mass Street, and then they took off after the fight

irvan moore 4 years ago

it seems like our downtown entertainment district needs to have even more taxpayer money protecting it. close the freaking bars, turn it back into a downtown and watch it thrive.

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