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Forbes calls Lawrence a ‘small best place for business’; KU ranks in 3 top-20 lists in Princeton Review

August 2, 2011


Lawrence was recognized as one of the country’s top Small Best Places for Businesses and Careers by Forbes Magazine this week, while Kansas University was recognized as one of the Princeton Review’s best 376 colleges in the nation.

Lawrence was No. 42 on the magazine’s list, which featured several other university communities in the Big 12 Conference. That includes Manhattan, which came in at No. 1.

Tom Kern, president and CEO of the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, pointed out that while Lawrence was doing well in the education area — where the city was top among all the ones the magazine listed — it still could improve in other areas.

“Where we have room to grow is on the job growth side,” where Lawrence ranked 88th overall, Kern said.

He said that Lawrence was “moving in that direction,” with new bioscience efforts, but that growth wouldn’t happen overnight.

“Five years from now, 10 years from now, we could be in that top 10, and I think that’s very doable,” he said.

As for KU, the Princeton Review doesn’t individually rank the colleges, but does feature 62 different Top 20 lists in a variety of categories, based on student surveys.

KU was ranked in three lists. It was No. 8 among “Jock Schools,” No. 15 for Best College Radio Station and No. 16 in Best College Newspaper.

The jock schools ranking takes into account answers related to intercollegiate sports, intramural sports and the popularity of the greek system.

Jill Jess, a KU spokeswoman, said the university was proud of the University Daily Kansan and KJHK for being recognized.

“We’re always pleased to be included in this guide so that potential Jayhawks can understand what past and present Jayhawks already know,” she said. “The comments from our students clearly capture the spirit of the university’s academics, activities and social scene.”

It also was listed among the “Best Western Colleges,” among the top schools in its region.

In last year’s rankings, KU only made two top 20 lists — No. 5 among Jock Schools, and No. 6 in “Students Pack the Stadiums.”


Catalano 6 years ago

This can't be. Everyone "knows" that Lawrence is "business-unfriendly". It's been said more than three times so it must be true. Those damn progressives just ruined this town.

Catalano 6 years ago

This can't be. Everyone "knows" that Lawrence is "business-unfriendly". It's been said more than three times so it must be true. Those damn progressives just ruined this town.

squawkhawk 6 years ago

Darn, beat out again by Manhattan!

JHawkBeerMaker 6 years ago

Also not mentioned is that Columbia, MO is #8.....

gsxr600 6 years ago

Would agree with jock school. Very brotastic if you go to KU

JHawkBeerMaker 6 years ago

There’s an error in the article Lawrence is actually ranked 43rd, not 42nd. Also the list has Lawrence as #1 in education which with this article involving KU would be good to mention as well. The list is here ""

jayhawk83 6 years ago

Not sure that being #42 on this list is that wonderful. And with Manhattan at #1 we are clearly losing the battle for jobs in the region.

"Business unfriendly" is being polite. Difficult, smug, NIMBY, painful, uncooperative, unpredictable, unreliable, ........ Lawrence does NOT have a culture favorable to job growth over the last decade. No question about it.

Chad Lawhorn 6 years ago

Hi: We do have some more information about the ranking in today's Town Talk. In short, our ranking has been on a pretty steady decline. We were ranked sixth on this list in 2004. You can read more at Chad Lawhorn Journal-World

jafs 6 years ago

What was the makeup of the city commission in 2004, if you know?

no_thanks 6 years ago

The trend is most disturbing, and frankly, the only reason we are so high is due to the business incubator site on campus. I can't think of any other success that we have had as a community in attracting new businesses.

squawkhawk 6 years ago

Hey, #2 in the state ain't all bad.

goodcountrypeople 6 years ago

KU is not a good place for idealistic people who expect to see competent, decent people in charge--for that matter neither is Lawrence or Douglas County.

squawkhawk 6 years ago

Yeah, just look at the KU athletic department.

Shane Garrett 6 years ago

My Degree is from KU. And I work in Manhattan. Live in Topeka. But, I really miss Lawrence. And I treasure the time I get to spend there.

lunacydetector 6 years ago

forbes must be on crack. 'best small place for business' based on what exactly? a random name pulled from a hat? forbes has no credibility.

StirrrThePot 6 years ago

We won't be ranked anywhere by the time the Brownback administration is through with us.

Tom McCune 6 years ago

Between Brownback, and the city politics, and the heat, I would prefer to do business almost anywhere else.

Richard Heckler 6 years ago

I say the real estate industry and the Chamber of Commerce seek out these rating organizations then sell Lawrence,Kansas with all the right answers. Not necessarily true responses.

No one will ever make me believe that these rating sources actually research all of the communities . In reality Lawrence is a community with flooded markets = unfriendly to business and taxpayers.

Who has been in control of Lawrence governments for the past 25 years? The real estate industry and the Chamber of Commerce = unfriendly to business and taxpayers.

The real estate industry and the Chamber of Commerce are synonymous. And both represent liberal spending of tax dollars aka other people's people money without voting taxpayers consent.

gl0ck0wn3r 6 years ago

You = unfriendly to business... unless it's good for your business.

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