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100 years ago: Lawrence streetcars adopt new boarding method

August 2, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for August 2, 1911:

  • “Tomorrow Lawrence will adopt the metropolitan method of having street cars stop at the near instead of at the side of street crossings. Everyone will then enter and depart from the front door where they are under the eye of the motorman. It is believed that the adoption of this method will mean greater safety for the patrons of the road and better service on the part of the company.”
  • “Mrs. Ellen Ritsinger, a descendant of the tribe of Delaware Indians, was buried yesterday in the Indian cemetery at Fall Leaf, 8 miles east of Lawrence. Mrs. Ritsinger was a descendant of the tribe that formerly occupied the ground which had so long been her home. She was 71 years of age and is survived by two children.”
  • “‘You’re a chump.’ ‘Never will make it in the world.’ ‘Too much seepage, you can never grow a crop.’ These are a few of the words of encouragement that were graciously given to W. R. Stiner when he was spending his good money to drain thirty acres of slough on his Grant township farm. Today that thirty acres is covered with one of the finest stands of corn in the county, which at a most conservative estimate will yield 60 bushels to the acre, enough to pay the entire cost of draining the slough and also pay for working the land. There is an object lesson in this that it will be well for owners of flooded or low lands to ponder over. What one man has done others can do and the community will be richer as the result.”


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