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40 years ago: Police dispatcher pleads guilty to disclosure of upcoming arrests

August 1, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for August 1, 1971:

A Lawrence police dispatcher had pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of premature disclosure of arrest and search warrants. The 24-year-old dispatcher, whose employment with the department had since been terminated, had been charged with making at least two telephone calls alerting some person or persons to the recent drug raids just prior to their execution. In addition to losing his job, he was fined $250 and issued a six-month suspended jail sentence from county court.


smitty 2 years, 8 months ago

Lawrence Mayor Mike Amyx, left, embraces Chief Tarik Khatib at City Hall on Friday February 18, 2011. Khatib takes over the position vacated by former chief Ron Olin.

When asked about the validity of an investigation into Olin and LPD corruption by a high outside legal authority, it was Amyx who reported that Olin was being handled as a personnel issue by the city managers office.

A major reason why a citizens review board is needed in Lawrence...not just Amyx, but the city commission and manager are complicit with covering up the illegal activities of the LPD that can be stopped if the board had investigative and subpoena powers. This board could be expanded to all city ethics and criminal investigations like those that have been negotiated under the table.


smitty 2 years, 8 months ago

Nothing has changed in 40 years of the the LPD and the drug war.

It was never investigated whether or not Khatib actually leaked drug information to protect a Lawrewncew connection for the drug unit....but KU prof did a arse kiss for them. The Journal-World obtained copies of confidential documents from the packet, including police department internal memos.

In his letter to Olin, Peck wrote that in December he and a confidential informant learned an out-of-town drug ring had set up shop in Lawrence.

Peck told Olin that shortly after he filed a Dec. 18 memo about the ring with his superiors and the department's drug enforcement unit, the drug operation suddenly and inexplicably folded.

"Almost immediately after filing the memo ... my informant advised me that the members of the drug ring came to him and told him that they knew of the police investigation," Peck wrote in the memo to the department's internal affairs office.

The informant, Peck wrote, said he was told the drug ring had people inside its hometown police department and the Lawrence Police Department.

Shortly after reporting the possible leak to internal affairs, Peck wrote that he "became the focus of the internal investigation which has now led to my termination."

Kansas University Law School Dean Stephen McAllister interviewed Peck and his informant, as well as Police Chief Ron Olin and "numerous" police officers involved in drug investigations.

The report said Peck and the informant identified the head of the Drug Enforcement Unit -- Police Sgt. Tarik Khatib -- as the possible leak within the department.


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