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40 years ago: Kansas AG promotes idea of auxiliary police force

April 26, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 26, 1971:

  • Sen. Robert Dole, R-Kan., meeting with Republican party officials for a breakfast gathering in Topeka, said, "I just don't think the President is going to change." He was referring to President Nixon's reaction to a huge weekend demonstration in Washington, D.C., in which Vietnam veterans and others protested against the Southeast Asia war. "He's ending the war," Dole said of Nixon. "They're back there demonstrating against the President when Nixon wasn't even president when it started."
  • Kansas Atty. Gen. Vern Miller told a group of about 150 people at a Rotary lunch in Lawrence that recruits should be sought for an auxiliary police unit in Douglas County. "After all, a policeman is just a regular citizen who's been given special training," he said. Miller also reiterated his stand against drugs in Lawrence, repeating that when he had been in Wichita, "intelligence reports indicated Lawrence was a drug traffic hub."


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