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Lawrence city commissioners delay action on special use permit for Bullwinkles bar

April 20, 2011


Lawrence city commissioners Tuesday night approved several rezonings of property near 14th and Tennessee streets to allow for mixed-use development in the future.

The commission, though, delayed action on a special use permit that would have allowed Bullwinkles bar, 1344 Tenn., to apply for a liquor license that would allow it to stay open until 2 a.m.

Currently the bar is required to close at midnight.


Scott Newell 2 years, 10 months ago

Pretty sure the reason the Bull lost their license to begin with was because an intoxicated underage girl who had drank there was hit and killed by an oncoming car driven by an underage intoxicated driver. In my opinion, Tennessee street is too busy and there is too much foot traffic from The Bull up the hill to the Hawk and Wheel to consider it a good idea to serve liquor.


TomJoad23 3 years ago

Who cares about that frat crap bar? Letting it stay open until 2am is only increasing the risk of rape in this town


somedude20 3 years ago

Better they walk to Buttwrinkles and stumble home than driving to some bar only to drive home drunk


kernal 3 years ago

Midnight closing perhaps because the bar is located in a residential neighborhood? If that's the case, why extend its hours until 2am?


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