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Operation Roll Out motorcycle ride raises money for military care packages

April 19, 2011


Operation Roll Out, an annual motorcycle ride that raises money to send care packages to soldiers, is receiving plenty of help from the community for this year’s ride.

This year, the ride will benefit Bravo Company, 279th Infantry Regiment in Vinita, Okla. The ride will leave at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, May 21, from Conrad’s Bar and Grill in Overbrook.

People and businesses lending a hand:

  • Devil Dog Brew is helping organize the event. Maj. Hank Salmons, a Marine veteran, owns the coffee company.
  • Kim Murphree with KLWN put together a public service announcement for the ride, and organizers of the ride will go on air with her to promote it on May 7.
  • Darla Jaye is promoting the ride, raising money and selling mugs to raise money on her radio show on KMBZ 980 and 98.1 FM.
  • Jim and J.R. Lewis, owners of Checker’s, 2300 La., will drive the Devil Dog Brew truck and lead the ride.
  • Ranger Up, based in North Carolina, designed and printed the shirts for the ride, which can be purchased online.

To donate to Operation Roll Out, order a T-shirt or for more information about the ride, visit


silversportster05 7 years, 1 month ago

REALLY bootlegger.......did u not read the article....its a bunch of good people who like riding motorcycles doing a great thing for the troops time you get in the shower and reach for soap and shampoo consider yourself lucky...the troops dont have that luxury...they dont have soap, shampoo, tooth paste and brush. That is what this ride is all about...yea we get together and ride but we also donate these things to send to the troops. Last year we sent over 40 boxes full, plus raised enough money to send them. It would b nice if u would come and donate and see what it is all would definitely make a good day and make u proud.

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