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Lawrence man ordered to face trial on rape, burglary charges

April 19, 2011


A Douglas County judge Tuesday ordered a Lawrence man to face a trial on rape and aggravated burglary charges in connection with an April 2010 incident at a Lawrence apartment.

During a preliminary hearing, the victim, a 20-year-old woman, said she was intoxicated early on April 24, 2010, after a night of drinking and woke up the next morning to the suspect having sex with her. The woman testified she had blacked out and last remembered one of her friends helping her to the couch after giving her a ride home from The Pool Room, 925 Iowa.

The woman said she was an acquaintance of the defendant but didn’t know how he got into her apartment at Campus Court at Naismith Apartments, 1301 W. 24th St.

The woman’s friend testified that she had left her on the couch and that no one else was in the apartment when she left about 2 a.m. The friend said she didn’t lock the apartment when she left because she didn’t have a key.

The alleged victim said that the suspect left the apartment when she became upset and that she called police the next day after talking with friends.

District Judge Peggy Kittel agreed to bind over the defendant on charges of rape and aggravated burglary.

The defendant remains free on $10,000 bond, and Kittel scheduled an arraignment in the case for June 7.

The Journal-World generally does not identify sex-crime suspects unless they have been convicted.


Cai 4 years ago

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jafs 4 years ago

There you go.

Of course, it's also illegal to have sex with somebody who's that drunk, so "Don't have sex with people who are passed out".

somedude20 4 years ago

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jafs 4 years ago


People can't comment on the obvious fact that getting so drunk that you pass out is a bad idea?

Cai 4 years ago

Don't get me wrong, the act is still deplorable. I just..

apparently can't comment on the rest of what I think.

TheEleventhStephanie 4 years ago

Don't get so drunk you pass out. Bad idea, no matter how it turns out.

BigPrune 4 years ago

A quick check of phone records might indicate if there was any communication between the defendant and the victim after 2am.

jhawkinsf 4 years ago

One can only hope and assume that all relevant facts will come out at trial. And that irrelevant facts will be kept out. And that 12 honest citizens will come to the correct verdict.

BigPrune 4 years ago

Unfortunately, sometimes these kind of cases are 'she says he says.'

jafs 4 years ago

Legally, if she was drunk enough to be passed out, she cannot consent to sex.

maxcrabb 4 years ago

It's a bad idea to have non-consensual sex with someone who is inebriated or otherwise unable to consent to said sexual relations. It's also a bad idea to troll message boards with "She deserved it!" type mentalities that help no one, and then feel indignation when called out on it.
If my comment won't stop people from raping other people, your comment ("shouldn't get pass out drunk") won't keep kids from drinking too much. The only difference is, everyone except rapists agrees with my statement. Not everyone agrees with yours.
If they did, black out drunkenness would occur as often as rape.

TheEleventhStephanie 4 years ago

At least keep your black out drunkenness at home and lock your doors?? Can I say that?

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