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100 years ago: Workers on tornado cleanup accidentally destroy house

April 19, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 19, 1911:

  • “Men trying to replace the home of Harry Richards on its foundation yesterday, finished the work which last week’s tornado began. The cyclone turned the house over on its roof.... By means of a block and tackle, an effort was being made to turn the house back on its base. It was lowered on its side all right, but the next pull jerked it almost entirely to pieces.”
  • “The relief movement for the aid of tornado victims received a decided impetus this morning when representatives of the Civic League and the Merchants Association met and appointed committees to assist in the work. At 12 o’clock nearly $225 had been subscribed and the amount is expected to reach $250 by evening. In addition to this fund, the Merchants Association has agreed to contribute one-third of whatever is necessary for building repairs. This added to former Mayor Selig’s offer to furnish one-tenth of the entire amount contributed, will make a very substantial nucleus for the urgently needed building fund. After today no more donations of household furnishings will be required. The response to the Journal-World’s call was so prompt and generous, that the committee in charge of that department believes it has sufficient furniture and utensils to relieve all immediate suffering.”


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