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Fix-It Chick: Install a clothesline for National Hanging Out Day

April 18, 2011


Tuesday is National Hanging Out Day. It is the perfect time to install a clothesline!

Step 1: Pick a sunny spot, preferably away from trees and off the beaten path. For optimal drying, clotheslines should run north to south rather than east to west. To protect clothes from direct sun, consider installing a clothesline on the front porch.

Step 2: Clotheslines can be strung between two existing structures or you can install a post or two that will serve as clothesline supports.

Step 3: Once two supports have been selected; install an open end hook into one of the supports approximately 6 feet above the ground. Drill a pilot hole first to make it easier to screw the hook into the support.

Step 4: Repeat the process on the other support, this time using an eye bolt instead of a hook.

Step 5: Measure out a length of vinyl coated cable or aluminum wire 12 inches to 18 inches longer than the distance between the two clothesline supports.

Step 6: Attach an appropriately sized turnbuckle to one end of the clothesline by slipping a u-shaped cable clamp or a cable ferrule onto the clothesline. Loop the clothesline through the eye bolt end of the turnbuckle and the back through the cable clamp or ferrule. Allow at least 3 inches of cable to protrude out beyond the clamp or ferrule.

Step 7: Tighten the clamp or hammer the ferrule closed, leaving a loop above the clamp or ferrule with the turn buckle dangling from it.

Step 8: Twist the turnbuckle open until it is fully extended. Slip the hook end of the turnbuckle through the eyebolt on the clothesline support.

Step 9: Slip another cable clamp or ferrule onto the opposite end of the clothesline and form a loop with the line. Pass the loose end through the cable clamp or ferrule.

Step 10: Position the looped end of the clothesline onto the open hook attached to the other clothesline support. Pull the line tight between the two supports to determine the proper length for the line. Remove the loop from the hook, tighten the clamp or hammer the ferrule closed, and slip the loop back onto the hook. Return to the turnbuckle side of the line and twist the turnbuckle closed until the line is tuant between the two supports.

Now you can join the fun of National Hanging Out Day!

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