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High school students take stand against underage drinking as part of Sticker Shock Lawrence

Local high school students stormed area liquor stores Saturday morning with a message to adults: Don't buy us alcohol.

April 16, 2011, 11:57 p.m. Updated April 17, 2011, 9:49 a.m.


Dozens of area high school students visited local liquor stores Saturday morning, but they weren’t trying to get anything. They had a message for of-age consumers: Don’t buy alcohol for them.

Free State High junior Ruthie Ozonoff places warning stickers on cases of beer Saturday at Cork & Barrel, 2000 W. 23rd St. Ozonoff and about three dozen other area students spent the morning adding the stickers as part of "Sticker Shock Lawrence," an event designed to discouraged underage drinking.

Free State High junior Ruthie Ozonoff places warning stickers on cases of beer Saturday at Cork & Barrel, 2000 W. 23rd St. Ozonoff and about three dozen other area students spent the morning adding the stickers as part of "Sticker Shock Lawrence," an event designed to discouraged underage drinking.

Teams of high school students, assisted by community agencies and organized by the Lawrence Youth Coalition, fanned out across town to place more than 1,000 warning stickers on cases of beer as part of Sticker Shock Lawrence.

“As a community, we’re not going to support underage drinking,” said Jen Jordan, one of the event volunteers and prevention director at DCCCA.

Free State High senior Sam Corkins, methodically slapping the warning stickers on cases of Keystone Light in the back cooler of Cork & Barrel, 2000 W. 23rd St., said raising awareness about underage drinking is needed.

“It just seemed like a good cause,” he said. “Being in high school, you know there’s a lot of this going on.”

Local law enforcement, staff from the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control and numerous area liquor stores partnered for the event. Jordan said the idea for the project came from a 2010 survey of Lawrence youth that found 44 percent of area high school seniors had consumed alcohol in the past month, some of which was purchased for them by someone over the age of 21.

Jordan said she was impressed that students gave up their Saturday for the volunteer event.

Corkins, meanwhile, said it was worth it. He weighed the early weekend wake-up time against the positive message and free breakfast.

“It’s a love-hate thing,” Corkins joked.


Curtis Lange 4 years ago

Still think the US needs to follow Europe's lead: lower the drinking age to 16 and up the driving age to 18. Let people learn how alcohol affects them personally BEFORE they ever get behind the wheel of a 2000-3000lb weapon. That only makes sense though so it will never happen here...

Escapee 4 years ago

With all due respect, Curtis, your answer may (MAY...) have worked three or four decades ago...but we're in another place now. Don't be ridiculous.

But I never thought I'd see the day that Lawrence high school students would really DO SOMETHING that held some significance in this 'fight' against a very, very big problem in this town. You are to be highly commended for such a display of unity on such a touchy subject in a college town -- FULL of apathetic 'parents'....

Yeah!!!! For the high schoolers!!!! I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!

Curtis Lange 4 years ago

Ridiculous? lol, I'm curious on your reasoning. Logic, like magnets, works like magic.

Escapee 4 years ago

Curt, baby, if you're going to give your real name here and admit that you are part of the local media...please tend to your grammer.... Your sentence needs to read like this: 'Logic, like magnets, work like magic.'

And when the logic is sound, it need not be 'magic'.... Yours doesn't stick.

Curtis Lange 4 years ago

Might want to look at that one again if you're going to be a smartass. The grammar is sound. ;)

Escapee 4 years ago

you're right.... i apologize.

(but it IS awkward!)

ECM 4 years ago

Great work students from both Lawrence High and Free State!

lawdog 4 years ago

YES! Awesome work and Thank You!

Clickker 4 years ago

I commend these students. But the fact remains that if we still had 18 drinking age for 3.2 beer we would have alot less problems. Not as much binge drinking, less hard liquor drinking etc.

Kevin Randell 4 years ago

Many many years ago in a galaxy far far away, the drinking age use to be 18. But I think it was in the mid to late '70's they raised the age limit. Does anyone know why? I'm not being sarcastic, but if anyone has any insight I would welcome it.

BillybobThorten 4 years ago

Because MADD was a strong and organized lobby.

A friend of mine works with college kids and pointed out the difference between the 70's and today as far as alcohol use goes. In the 70's college freshmen went out at 7pm and were home around midnight as the bars closed. They consumed X 3.2 beers, knowing that X beers will have a certian effect on them. They could even drink in the dorms and frats so they didnt have to drive. Most of the 3.2 bars were near campus so they didnt have to drive as well.

Today, they dont even mess with beer. It's all illegal, so why not go for the hard stuff since it is more cost efficient to get drunk. They tend to go out later, since the Clubs are all open til 3. They drink harder ( often sneaking it in in the dorms to get a pre-start on the evening) Since they cant legaly drink on campus, they drive to house parties off campus, and they have to drive to the clubs since they are bigger and further off campus. Drinking Shots and mixed drinks has a swifter, stronger effect, often with unknown results. The law of unintended consequences. We cant legislate morality, just hope to educate it. These kids doing the things in this article are doint the best they can to educate in a broken system.

Escapee 4 years ago

Ya know, why is it...that we have learned certain things that make our health better -- like consuming less fatty foods, like keeping more to 'non-processed' foods, like exercising more, like not smoking, like wearing seat belts, like lowering cholesterol levels. etc. -- but SOME folks (and in this case, quite a large community) can't add 'REDUCE UNDERAGE DRINKING' to that list? How many more kids need to fall off roofs each year in Lawrence, or have fraternity brothers and sisters standby and watch them dive into non-existing 'pools', or -- God Help Us All -- come to the aid of a traffic accident caused by an under-aged drunk driver, or who knows what other horrific event....

Logic, you ask? Come on.... How dumb are you....

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