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25 years ago: Gov. Carlin elevates ornate box turtle to official status

April 16, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 16, 1986:

  • Gov. John Carlin visited with students at Caldwell Elementary School, about 50 miles southwest of Wichita, to sign a proposal designating the ornate box turtle as the official state reptile. The students had waged a lobbying campaign to win passage for the measure, which placed the turtle in the exalted company of the honeybee, American buffalo, western meadowlark, cottonwood tree, and wild native sunflower as things given official state recognition.
  • About 35 parents of Centennial School students attended a meeting of the Lawrence school board to express their concerns about a busing plan. Several students had been selected to be bused to Broken Arrow the following year due to overcrowding at Centennial and extra space at Broken Arrow, according to the board president. Some of the parents were worried about the “noise and distractions” students might encounter at Broken Arrow, as the school was build on an open plan. A Broken Arrow parent, one of 15 who also attended the meeting, countered by saying that the emphasis on noise was “not an accurate reflection” of the school.


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