Letters to the Editor

Voters care

April 15, 2011


To the editor:

I care about Lawrence. I voted. I also voted early. It took me one minute and 45 seconds to walk into the Douglas County Courthouse and vote. When only 13.4 percent of registered voters in Douglas County go to the polls, something is upside down. Why don’t the citizens of Lawrence, not just the registered, care?

Why are we risking American lives in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya in pursuit of American values, including the right to vote?

Bob Schumm cares. Hugh Carter cares. Mike Dever cares. Our beloved former mayor and my future barber (when I turn 65) cares. Obviously the newly elected and current school board members are concerned citizens and care.

Having served as the United Way chairman and as chairman of the Board of Zoning Appeals in the 1970s, I realize the hours of preparation that go into doing the job they were elected for. At the present time, it appears our current elected officials are only representing 13.4 percent of the 63,811 registered voters. Why don’t people care about Lawrence? Ozzie and Harriet live here. So does Beaver Cleaver and Dennis the Menace. This is our hometown.

So does Doug Compton, Paul Werner and the Fritzels, who are currently or proposing to spend $17 million downtown. They care.

Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew called the election a “pretty good turnout.” Whew! Ask Butler what 18 percent shooting was worth. You lose. Vote!


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