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100 years ago: April 18 designated Lawrence Clean-Up Day

April 14, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 14, 1911:

  • "Those housewives who have ever emerged breathless, exhausted, and disheveled from spring housecleaning, will appreciate the task of the Women of the Civic League who have undertaken to clean all Lawrence. These indefatigable workers hope to make the Lawrence residence section shine as though it had been recently scoured with Sapolio. Mayor Bishop today issued his proclamation officially naming April 18 as 'Clean-Up Day' and urging every citizen in the city to exhibit his civic pride on that day by thoroughly removing all trash and rubbish which has accumulated on his premises during the winter."
  • "The convict gang will receive its introduction to the county rock pile tomorrow. The commissioners gave the necessary order today, and Sheriff Banning will open the cells and give each prisoner a stone hammer as he marches out after breakfast tomorrow. The commissioners have decided not to chain the prisoners together as long as they exhibit no desire to escape. They regard chains as inhumane and barbarous and will not subject the prisoners to this humiliation unless the latter's conduct merits such drastic measures."


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