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Brownback to sign bill loosening regulation of AT&T

April 13, 2011


— Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback plans to sign a bill loosening regulation of AT&T;, the state's largest provider of local telephone service.

The signing ceremony will take place Thursday afternoon at an AT&T; facility in the Johnson County town of Mission.

The legislation makes it easier for AT&T; to avoid a state cap on rates for stand-alone, local landline service that still apply in many of the areas it serves. But prices for basic local service in rural areas can't exceed those in urban areas.

Other AT&T; rates already have been deregulated. The changes take effect July 1.

Supporters say the measure will make Kansas more business-friendly and attract investment. Critics say rates are likely to rise for thousands of Kansans who only want a single landline in their homes.


jesse499 7 years, 1 month ago

Bend over and get ready AT&T is coming and Brownback is opening the door and saying have at boys. The people of Kansas have more money than they need so just take what you want.

Richard Heckler 7 years, 1 month ago

Sam Brownback forgets deregulation and turning a blind eye is what brought the nations economy to its knees.

Sam Brownback represents reckless neoconservative christian fundamentalist politics not smart business. He votes as reckless as ever bringing the beltway philosophy home to Kansas.

mloburgio 7 years, 1 month ago

sam the sheepherder needs to pay back his biggest contributors. Koch Industries $123,800 AT&T Inc $88,120 and the list goes on.

LogicMan 7 years, 1 month ago

What's the competition for ATT landlines?

Knology has cable-phone. How does their price and service compare?

There's also Vonage. Is it offered here, and for how much?

MagicJack, but do you have to have an ATT phone line if you have DSL? Work well?

Other vendors of basic phone service? All provide local 911?

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