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KSU’s Frank Martin hasn’t talked to Miami — yet

April 12, 2011


— Florida native Frank Martin says he hasn’t heard from the University of Miami about its vacant coaching position, and though he and his family are happy at Kansas State, he will always listen to other offers.

The 2010 Big 12 coach of the year, who has become wildly popular with Kansas State fans, also said Monday in an interview with the Associated Press that in the last two years he has been approached by several other schools with talk of significant pay boosts.

“I’ve never had any other options but to be at K-State this year. And I haven’t had any desire but to be at K-State this year,” Martin said.

When Frank Haith left Miami last week to take the job at Missouri, Martin immediately became the center of speculation in both Kansas and Miami. Martin, born and raised in Miami and the son of a Cuban immigrant, was a successful high school coach there and seemed a natural fit for the job.

But the Hurricanes have not called, Martin said. He said that was not necessarily a disappointment.

“I love it here,” said Martin, who is 95-43 in four seasons at Kansas State. “My family loves it here.”

He wonders if a misunderstanding about his salary might have discouraged the Hurricanes.

“Everyone’s reporting that my salary is $1.55 million (annually). Actually, my salary is $1.1 million,” he said. “Now, I’m an old high school teacher who was making 32 grand when I moved to Boston, and I’m extremely grateful and thankful for the salary I make right now.

“If I stayed the length of the (five-year) contract and I collect every bonus on the contract, it will average out to $1.55. And you know what? There is a chance that the University of Miami never called because they think I make $1.5,” he said. “There’s a chance just because it was released at $1.55 the University of Miami said, ‘We can’t call him. Why waste our time? We can’t pay him.”’

Although he has no desire to leave, Martin says he would always listen to another offer.


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